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Where also brought to you by do threat. That's Ryan's podcast. There's been negotiations about does this go through football season. Do keep this going. Every week. Oh, yeah. And they didn't a month from now you're coming over to the BS podcast right after the Super Bowl ends. We're doing NBA every Sunday night or Monday. We haven't decided yet. What's your Sunday night schedule? I can do it. I don't I don't hate that. I do comedy clubs Hermosa. The Jay Leno comedy club like scene is set. Yeah. You know, I get a five minute thing on lost. No. I'll give you some of that. Now, if you want thing later, no stand up. Yeah. I think it'd be good place test that material. So put that here and the best part check out do threat. Check out of our awesome podcast. The end of villains was shaved Serano. It is wrapping up season. One very successful. The rewatch Ables is coming back on Tuesday. Ryan. Gonna get you on one fear. I don't wanna do unless it's fear. You do the fair. That's giving money today. I'm going to be dressed. What do you mean seasoning? That's a staple season. It we're doing the godfather it's going up Tuesday. Most important, we watch was pack time. It's just the first one or two about saving for the end of the year book end it what about you to buy moving moving van remember moving violations. Now Bill Murray's brother was in member. His brother who played his brother and Scrooge, this is real brother not Brian Doyle Murray, but the other there's a third Murray. Yeah, he was in this movie called moving violations. So I thought you when no one wanted to do flat. And then you're just like you tweet it out the eighties or dead. It was super depressing because flushes perfect such as about timing. They hurt my feelings. And now I started thinking about all the eighties movies that used to wait and be like member when rental places, I don't know how it took so long for places that rented movies to be like, hey, nobody great idea by a second. Fuck and copy, right? We all just Shoghi you like four. Yeah. Like his action Jackson, dammit. Seven days. What's the wait list? And then and then what companies.

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