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Information about the Rick and Bubba show and then some Let's talk about let's go to Sarah Sanders story. It was I was before. I even knew the story was here today I was watching Jim Acosta I mean become you needs to toughen up, a little bit I mean the the. People like Jim Acosta go out and. They vilify people they attack people and they go on offense and the minute somebody else goes on offense and quits playing defense they run into quarter corner and cross file you're being mean and and Sarah Sanders I. Think it's obvious in this? In this audio and video that we have. That she's kind, of tired of that and is. Going to. Point that out because they convenient forget anything they've done to. Create an environment did they. Now complain about and and so Sarah Sanders lashed out yesterday Kosta. Was were asking her to say to. The people that they're the media isn't the enemy of the people something that he feels like President Trump has said and keeps pointing to the events and people being mean and all that too Paul Gemma Causton all. Of that show it turns? Into quite the little speech from Sarah Sanders And, if. There's ever been a team that seems. To go together better than Sarah Sanders and Donald. Trump I think he's finally found his press secretary but here here is did we start with the cost. Of I hear him asking her a question and it made her. Mad and she, gave him to answer he wouldn't look when he says when he was referring to female in his question he's referring to a reporter in one of the other briefings a few days ago that asked Sarah about. The the media and the way they portrayed and all this kind of stuff taken serious question from NPR she asked you about Trump's statement that the press is not. The enemy of the people she asked you whether or not the, press is the enemy of the people he read, off a laundry list of your concerns about the press and then things that you. Feel like you're misreported but you did not. Say that the press is not the enemy of the people I think it would be a good thing if you were to say right, here at this briefing that the press were gathered, in this room right now doing their jobs every day asking questions of officials like the ones you brought Earlier are not the enemy of the people I think we we deserve that the president has made, his position known I, also think it's ironic lines Politely waited and I even called on you despite the fact that you. Interrupted me WI calling on your colleague I.

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