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Opposing crate war. We are also hearing Mike Pence vice president saying that there will be no let up and Trump policy in combat China's policy the when he is encouraging. Island nations to embrace you. Do you think of country will say, yes? Yes. At mini country leaders scholars say that naive belief. Everybody came from the United States. Right. Connect with stage. And now to a very interesting tool rose roller. China. America Pence, always play as the fire igniter. His second fights everywhere. This is quite interesting China as extinct Krisha. Put the fire in order to keep a peaceful. Smooth the mundane the war to it is. And the two goes gave a tune different the text books for the whole world is right. Claire. Very clear. That's why mini neither from Malaysia other Asian countries. They always say that China on neighboring country. We know each other much better than anybody else. I think we should let people in America in other continent. China Asia culture, much, better mutual understanding, and mutual respect and mutual NPR's to share with each other only by I think I could future. We cannot follow them. This has always second fire everywhere. Not really not good. Politician. All right. Thank you for putting things into perspective for us. Okay. There you go. So you've got the Chinese state run media their expert out there. So the ideas fire extinguisher versus fire igniter. So the Mike Pence is the fire igniter, Donald Trump and the United States they start fires. And then China's a fire extinguisher. I might go along with the half of that. I mean, the Donald Trump's afire igniter he likes to yester- things up. He's a counterpuncher series always picking fights that so sure there's any evidence that China's a fire extinguisher, but there is one thing that's should be clear to everybody. Again, we've done this show for so long. We've we've said it again histories be proven us right again. Not because we have any special powers, but we talked to people and do things like listen to the Chinese and hear what they have to talk about it. One of the things Trump understands this too. And I think more and more Americans understand this idea to is one of the, you know, the brilliant position that Trump that the China laid out it made perfect sense. You know, if the United States is going to police everybody, and if the United States is going to spend tons of money, and they're going to build up their military, and they're going to do all the business around the world. You know, our position can be we can challenge that or we can go underneath that. And draft off of that we can be efficient and let them do all the heavy lifting. Let them take all the risk. Let them spend all the money and will draft off of them. Well that draftkings been going on for about thirty or forty years now. Now, they're building up their military. And now they're another position where there are a richer country. And they've they've changed her position. When you go back to the eighties when they were first starting this economic revolution. And then really thriving in the nineties and then in the two thousands. They were drafting you let the United States risk everything. And let them pay we'll go in elsewhere in even with their economic expansion. They go into the third world countries. They go into you know, sub Saharan Africa. And they're cutting deals there. And they're building the roads, and they're putting their engineers, and they're they're putting their laborers in their in their extracting, the natural resources for these countries where the United States for the most part is saying we don't we're not going to necessarily get our hands dirty over there. They're drafting underneath. And Donald Trump is saying enough of the drafting, we know what's happened. You've been China's benefited wonderfully from it. But now that you've lifted yourself from third world country into if not a superpower, you're certainly a power you might be one notch away from full superpower. But now we see you're going to superpower. Now, we're going to deal with differently in China. They're trying to push China into no more drafting China doesn't wanna draft. China's not interested in drafting. That's why I say fire extinguisher no way, you know, with the military escalation in the South China Sea. And all of that. There's no there's none of that. There is aggressive as anybody militarily and otherwise. Now, we moved to the CNN of the Middle East Al Jazeera on our lead story, which is the Kosugi case the CIA now leaking that it is concluded that NBS Mohammed bin Salman did it and here we are going to listen to an interview with the son of a cleric from Saudi Arabia. Who was jailed and apparently is on death row there. Something that we've talked about for a long time. There is nothing special about a journalist getting jailed or killed in much of the world and certainly the Middle East and specifically in Saudi Arabia. And so why is everybody making a big deal all over the world about this one journalist who most likely got killed by the Saudi government in Turkey. This is there's nothing extraordinaire, and if you're gonna if you're gonna make a big deal out of him. What about the hundreds if not thousands of journalists or critics over the last five or ten years, and if not just for Saudi Arabia, but other countries why are we getting all excited about this? What is so special about this? This will give you an idea. And then again, I will give them credit. You will hear and listen very closely about we're talking about Al Jazeera. We always talk about popular media either corporate owned or state run aljazeera the CNN of the Middle East state. Sponsored by the country of Qatar right now sticky relations enemy relations with Saudi Arabia. That's not by mistake. And notice how it's acknowledged at least in this interview on voice to America. The New York Times reported this week that shortly after journalists Jamal kashogi was assassinated in Turkey, a member of the Saudi kill team instructor the superior over the phone to tell your boss about bosses believed to be Saudi Crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman who back at. Hong continues to crack down on his critics one. Such critic is the prominent listen cleric, Sheikh Salman, outta who's been held in solitary confinement for posing the government, and is now facing a possible death sentence. Joining me to discuss his situation is his some delay allowed a Saudi citizen who is now living in the United States and fears returning the Saudi authorities had your father imprisoned last year and charged with over thirty five different crimes, including corrupting. The land connection to a terrorist organization and offending patriotism. What's your response to the Saudi authorities unto those charges? Well, it's the same of rogue operation are going on is going on nationally for dissidents abroad for those who disagree at home for journalists. Economists public figures in general and Saudi prosecutors in September of this year called for this execution to do you think they're serious about that that they would really execute a cleric as prominent as your father Salman on outer well, do you think those who went to the Saudi council it were serious to take the life of the prominent John Nelson veteran Saudi Jamil Hushovd g it's it didn't it did not start with my father did not start with jemele casualty. It's a pattern that we have have seen through the past one year and a half since the conference came to power you say, it's a patent some say, yes, it is. Patten and your father was arrested imprisoned punished by the Saudi authorities in the past two in the nineteen ninety s when he was a, quote, unquote, Islamist rabble rouser. His critics said many would say that's why he's being imprisoned only do with NBS the Saudi government under any prince okaying has always taken a very dim view of people who oppose the government. It's fraternity is all this tyranny. Trying to ask and demand politically form is never something that you should be punished for political reform that my father and others pushed for. Is actually the solution is actually the path towards stability. We'll come back to the political reform in a moment. Just to confirm many say your father was arrested in September twenty seventeen because he refused to publish a tweet to his fourteen million followers at the request of the Saudi government that supported the Saudi led blockade of Qatar which full disclosure owns this channel owns aljazeera English. Is that true? It's it's such rigor. It's true. Because after he tweeted when he when he heard about the reconciliation between the Katara on the Saudi government a tweeted Alati concealed between their hearts for the better of people few hours after that tweet. He was arrested that was the trigger when Mohammed bin Salman told Bloomberg last month that one thousand five hundred Saudi citizens were arrested over the last three years because he the crown prince with trying to quote, get rid of extremism and terrorism without a civil war a lot of people, especially in the west will hit unsafe. He's got a fair. Point. They've seen hate preachers extremist clerics coming out of Saudi Arabia for years, and they've been fair enough of the prince wants to lock some of these people are trying to shut down extremist. What's your response? It's not accurate. He's cartel in the he's attacking the voices that actually spearheaded the campaign against terrorism for the past two decades. Your father has spoken out against terrorism as you say, including against the nine eleven attacks against the SAMA bin Laden himself. But the fact is that he was once a hero of bin Laden's al-qaeda leader, even fighted your out outer as his ideal personality. He praise your father for enlightening Muslim youth. You accept surely at the very minimum that whatever he says. Now, he was once a quote unquote extremist well in a what? In the eighties Miladin life so much oil family, and he was very close to them those who actually gave all the platform, those who pushed the jihadi agenda at that time. Those who run who ran the show at that time, those who should be responsible. My father was a popular cleric. He was admired by everybody the Royal at the time he was respected by the Royal family where the people just to be fair and get all facts, right when bin Laden turned against the Saudi government, we need already carried out the World Trade Center attacks, and he published his famous fatwa against Americans and foreign invaders etcetera. He was still praising your dad. No, he's not. He's actually just using my father's popularity to get into his audience. You'll father was never found have been long. Now, he was never a fan of like, he he did not have inconsiderate bin Laden, a scholar or global.

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