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So make sure you check that out. I am so excited to welcome our next guest. Our favorite crossover king. It's Howie Carr. Thank you for joining us, Howie Hey, thanks for having me Grace. So how he had of all the stories that you've been reading today, Which one sticks out to you the most you go, and then I'll go. Well. I put it in my column that I just finished writing the sound cut from Hillary Clinton that you played earlier in the day and my my whole point was, you know, we already had operation works speed. We need a new medical mobilization here and they call this one operation warped. To do something about Trump Derangement syndrome. Shouldn't it be dying down? And instead, it's flaring up as bad as it's ever been. I know I know that's a great point. I don't think it helps that she's with the Queen of TDs. Nancy Pelosi, but I agree. I thought, if anything, they could rein it back and celebrate. This new presidency and be so excited about the unity in the decency that's being ushered in. But you're right. It's like they're crazier than ever before. And and, you know, again, it's it's projection all once again. We've been talking about it for four years. She's the one whose husband got the 500,000 to speak to the Russian banks. She's the one who's Clinton Foundation got millions of dollars from all these Russian affiliated groups after she gave him the uranium from the Wyoming minds, and she's accusing Trump of being a Russian asset. If she crazy. So what's your number? One story Mine was going to be Joe Biden's recently tapped Pick Who? Rachel Levine. From Pennsylvania. I mean, this. The headlines are all about how Joe Biden's picking a transgender person, but the real headline should be this woman. Took her own mother out of the nursing homes. Because she knew how poorly they were being run and that people were being sent back in who had Cove. It. Yeah, I know. Yeah. Richard, formerly known as Richard Levin, now known as Rachel. Levin and and how it just started to make me think about all of the people that Biden's chosen So far I started going over a list. It was like, Oh, who's Who of Hacker Gramma, John Kerry, Marcia Fudge. Everyone yelling. Judy was just made seven million bucks in the last two years, making speeches We were gonna have on Cassie Smith deal. She's the new executive director of America Rising, She's going to go over all of these hacks. I mean, Anthony Blinken is another one. But how does the secretary of state nominee a complete deep swamp creature? Janet Yellen. She made a lot of money giving speeches, right? Yes. Who? Who said that famous line at a certain point Having you made enough money? Yeah, He said that about a half a billion dollars ago. But how he just to get back to the Hillary Clinton comment cause I do think you're right about that. It's from her podcast. Who listens to that podcast. That's a real mystery to me, but I think what you're seeing, and I'm gonna make a comparison here because I've had this show now for about three weeks. I think everyone for joining us. But it is hard sometimes when you can't revert back to something, and I think that's for them is Donald Trump. He's been their security blanket for the last four years. Any time that they're in a jam, they can say they can shift to Donald Trump. And for the last couple years how if I do my new segment, I can always shift to you. I know that you're gonna be able to carry the segment if I don't know what I'm talking about. So when they don't have something to say, or if they if they don't believe in their ideas their go to is back to trump. And that's what just texted me. Something is still to grace that's from the daily caller Headlining Governor Cuomo threatens lawsuit against Biden Administration of Covert 19 Relief fund, So I guess we know what the pivot Is going to me. Oh, no. Yeah, it is. Isn't it terrible when they turn on one another such honorable patriotic men Speaking of Ah, Cuomo, Howie, I'm guessing you heard some of the cuts we played of Chris Cuomo. He's now preaching for Nonviolence. And he thinks we all need to rise above their hate. How about the Washington Post Today they talked, they said there's a great apprehension in the country about the future of the iconic monuments Buildings in D. C. They were practically cheering on the mob in Lafayette Square when they were trying that when they were throwing a noose around the Andrew Jackson's head. Remember that the statue they they didn't care when they tried to burn down the ST John's Church. Well, the president's went now now that now now that Biden is gonna be the president, these air, iconic monuments and buildings, these buildings can go from racist, too sacred really fast, depending on who's in charge. Yeah, It's kind of like ice cream. You know, Donald Trump was a war criminal for taking two scoops ice cream. Now, now, Joe Biden melts our hearts with his ice cream. It's so true and the hypocrisy of the left right now, Howie. I said this earlier, but every day I wake up and I think who's gonna win the competition today? For the least amount of self awareness. Is it gonna be Politicians. Or is it going to be the media and I have to say the media usually takes the cake nine out of 10 times, whether it's Don lemon or Chris Cuomo or Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper talking about the big lie. Yeah. They have a virus of this information These air all lines I put into my column, Grace. I looked them up this morning as I as I came out fervently for the for the new operation Warped..

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