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Oh yeah i guess because even reserve him that dl so like well that changes things a little bit though because then he'll be drafted and maybe even fewer leagues maybe twelve teamers say nah and may maybe some fifteen teamers we'll we'll see yes drafted and then dropped that's fine and then i can see if the change up works and get my shot so maybe i'll end up with more cobb shares than i think right now but i'm not coming out of drafts with them first off most of my drafts are done i only have two left and one's an nl auctions that's out of the that's off the table but at least having some time to see what's what with with with cobb will allow me to make a better decision but right now i say you could probably find a better arm to take a shot on in fact transitioning back into the adp movers and shakers we're going to get to stephen susan a minute but his former teammate is somebody i could be interested in taking nathan you have all the who's zipping up the draft list with the big forty five pick move only up to four thirty nine though free i mean that's that's nothing and i'm a longtime he of all defend i know i know we've we've all had pain with with nathan evolved e but ten ten strikeouts ten twothirds this spring with no walks strikeouts in walks and the one thing that i'm really going to give any credence to pop in the gun at ninety nine hundred i i would take i would take a volley before i'll take cobb oh yeah that's easy i'm all for the evolved drank is one there's very little price attached to them at all it's free you know.

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