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Of fame player but he he peyton just had something going on that i hope sustains that it's like that and i would love to see that become the future of how football game to covered i was. They'd have to find some other teams. It's hard to find a pair like that. But i was thinking. Can you imagine if you had that same format with tony. Romo and sean lee. Is that who you would take. If you if you had to pick like a wing man for tony. You'd pick sean lee. Yeah because i think he's one of those brilliant defensive mines out and i don't think he's charismatic. Though like this we don't have nothing about but at that. That's just a home thing for me but i just hope that we keep at least once a week. We could see something like that because it was inside. It was bred for people that are kind of more into the technical side of it. It was just fun of see that stuff and just absorb things tom. Legend danny phantom wants you to be muted actor. I can have not liking. Eli manning deluca. Ticks is tony romo and daryl johnston. I wouldn't mind that. Daryll scott a level of polish. Tony is great. But tony's like a puppy united. You need that that balanced. And that's why jim nance works so well I think joseph has the right answer. Tony romo irvine forget balanced. I mean that's not now you're really. Yeah exactly what. I was thinking. Actually would donnie darko. Excuse me this is a comment. I'd love to see romo in aikman. Because i don't i think we all went through a phase. Maybe i'm speaking of everybody where we hated troy because it felt like troy was overly critical of the cowboys. Maybe i've just heard you know. Maybe not i feel like i've developed a strong appreciation for the broadcaster. Maybe i was too biased myself. But i do think that the troy fantastic commentator. Alex says tony and peyton. Could you imagine the energy in that room and tom to your point here. Payden was magnificent. I don't i'm really not like bagging. On alive is easy but ally offered nothing. The best commentary was between peyton and russell wilson at the very end. Because they were they were the ones in synergy. May i mean actually make. I'll put you in spot. Peyton manning could peyton manning. It'd be better than tony romo at this someday. Now what hurt you if he was just refusing to confront that possible reality right now. Yes yeah. I think every i think every hour spent tony is now in this place where we all knew that peyton would be great at this at anybody. He just hasn't ever approached it and it isn't unique environment. It is uniquely going about it and that will be the cape that megan other people will do. Well he's not even there rela set the game romo's avenue it on the fly. Peyton gets to sit on the couch. You so but yeah and also it's like we. I feel like oh there are romo haters. I'm not gonna say everybody. I feel like we most of us are like we wanted tony to like get over the finish line and get a rings on the. I want them to be the best commentator. Like i agree with you and now he's like the coat the undisputed coat. It's something so peyton coming for this. Is it hurts a little tony. I'm into you agree. You know it's funny. You say that. I was just kind of thinking about it differently. Like the way i was watching it was the public perception of peyton. And eli as a whole right. Peyton the over preparer ally more the laid back like like whatever kind of guy right and they both kind of fed into that for me as i'm watching it early on payton's got a million thoughts wants to say. Is everything written down. He's got all bullet points in the is sitting there like where's the nachos. I'm watching the football game. And i might a couple of comments there but i thought it was really organic. I thought it was a authentic I'm all for it personally. You know. I i probably. I probably won't love it watching it the cowboys game because i want to be tuned in locked into my man cave but like every other team and every other game a mall in the listen to it so tony brings up an interesting point. Time that i side with and make up call you i. I will watch this live next in two weeks or thirteen days when the cowboys needles play on monday night football that night and some of this is like you know our jobs right like in that game made it difficult to create content out of for the for the teams involved specifically was incredible to watch an impartial fan. And because you're not hearing the play by play get tom. I know you hate every play by play guy in the world. Apparently but he'd that information to a certain degree but you're willing to surrender it in the name of the entertainment that peyton and eli broad however for the cowboys game. We all kind of need that. So my own personal approach to the cowboys. Eagles game will be to watch the game in. It's true normal form on the standard broadcast but then obviously rewatch the the peyton the live broadcast to see what we live in a day and as we can record things in ece make. Where do you fall on this. Because tony and i are team. Not so much for the cowboys game. This might be a stupid idea on my part. But i will probably probably out watching it at texas live so Megan will be dalla venting in a in the metropolis every eagles fans face it. If you if you had to pick one. Where do you fall on this. Do you agree with that. It's a little much for the cowboys. Game yeah i would say so tom. You're outnumbered how well. I i can't guarantee that i won't have to slip back to the me. My mom like tracking the cowboys. And greg's arline hate to see it because i'm going up because don't forget i write the immediate recaps. Yeah do the hard work time up is kind of hard to do and also i wanna say one thing. I don't think peyton is gonna be thrown tony because this is an entirely different format and it's something that i don't know that any of the guys that are currently broadcast it would be hard for.

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