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Here you the king has spoken. And i'm not talking about roy's realm talking about lebron james wednesday afternoon. Following the news at coalisland would be out indefinitely with an acl injury. The broad james aired out some grievances on twitter saying essentially. I told you so in his twitter thread. Lebron wrote that. They didn't listen last year when he said. And i'm paraphrasing here. A shortened offseason. Due to the delayed bubble restart would cripple the league stars. He noted that eight impossibly nine all stars are missing playoff games. If you include chris paul. Who's in code related protocols that's the most nba history which is actually a true thing. Chest lebron the researcher lebron onto say quote. It's insane if there's one person to know about the body and how it works year round. It's me. I speak for the health of all our players. I hate to see this many injuries this time of year. Sorry fans wish you guys. Were seeing all your favorite guys right now. Prayer hands emoji king's crown emoji. End quote a lot to unpack here. I the injuries of sucked. Like really sucked. Lebron is right. This level of bodily carnage is unprecedented. Big names have been sidelined like hawaii. Leonard kyrie irving james harden joel and be dot of mitchell. Mike conley jaylen brown. Anthony davis these are the big ticket items that people come to see and according to espn research the previous high nba postseason. History was six such injured. All-stars six think about if chris paul mrs time already fifty percent higher than the previous high mark. We still have a month ago and consider this. According to injury grew. Jeff stotts runs the most authoritative injury database in the nba over in street. Clothes dot com. We've seen more postseason games lost due to injury by all stars than we did in the previous two postseasons combined in fact as recently as the two thousand thirteen. Two thousand fourteen postseason. The one that miami heat fans would rather forget. All stars missed zero playoff games due to injury that year zero and we have as many as nine so like can someone please. Into whom janas and k d. And ben simmons and some bubble wrap like now name the asking yourself why so many injuries we know we're lebron stands on this issue. He thinks it's because of the quick restart. According to elias. sports bureau. The lakers the miami heat had the shortest offseason. Seventy one days in the history of the four major american sports nhl nfl mlb nba. That hasn't happened and sure enough. Lebron eighty lakers couldn't catch up. They crumbled under the weight of the schedule this year. And the miami heat in farewell. Either so you can see why lebron feels a certain way about the re start. Big picture. lebron is on is something. I've been hammering this point for a while now and it feels good. That lebron is now speaking my gospel. Which is this the nba schedule cannibalize it. Stars the reward for the best teams with the star players that go deep in the postseason. The ones who put more miles on their tires than anybody else. Yeah congratulations you get the shortest offseason and recovery period in the league start next season playing catch up and that's just the beginning. Nba stars travel more miles in any other star in sports. Oh and you need recovery days to heal that wear and tear fatigue. We're gonna punish your team if you do that yes. The nba has rules against dnp. Rest as the schedule is effing grueling. It's habitual three. Am hotel arrivals. Long road trips that can make your head spin. When lebron got hurt in march he was in the middle of a five game in seven nights stretch a dizzying gauntlet that the nba had eliminated in recent seasons because it was too demanding but this season well gotta get. The games in the schedule is madness. I literally had a spurs trainer. Tell me once that used to write his hotel room number in sharpie on his forearm because he couldn't remember which city are hotel. You is in at the time much less his room number. And if you hang around. Nba stat long enough. You'll hear tons of stories like these. But here's the tricky thing in lebron twitter mischief he said quote unquote vais. Didn't listen when he warned about the consequences of a fast tracked offseason. Who is day that lebron is talking about. There is it the owners. Is that adam silver in the league office or is it gasping. His fellow players. 'cause remember adam. Silver can't unilaterally. Choose the start date. That's collectively bargain with the players. Union and the players union president is chris paul fellow banana boater and godfather of lebron's firstborn son. So lebron truly has a problem with the system. That's something to take up with. Paul and his fellow players because nothing gets done without the sign off of the mvp. The system is set up this way. Because let's be honest. It makes a shit ton of money for the players and owners but the more that broken bodies start piling up and becoming the story fans will likely tune out the nba and turn on the net flicks by the way it. Just finish peaky blinders. Long-lived tommy shadowed bay anyway if the system unfairly taxes the lebron's katie's and the co is of the league than those guys need a huddle up and figure out how to correct it in other words. The king doesn't have to hold court with twitter. He has the whole court with his peers. For metal arc media. I'm tom hammer. Stroh a good holiday love a good holiday. Yeah what vacation. No no no no no no you have you have it right john so so is is vacation not a word that's used by english people or own just just it's was the first one. There's there's no other added context. It's just feels overly elaborate so like rugrats vacation is called rugrats. Holiday in britain has that side of my expertise area out about okay. How about like christmas vacation. The chevy chase movies no. It's christmas holiday. Oh is it relies. Boom i'm actually surprised by that like christmas..

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