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The affair odd. Cast a Bob and Sheri odd cast download on the free Bob and Sheri APP website. Wherever you get your podcasts Jerry. So I don't know if this is all that accurate it's from a website called high speed Internet dot COM. They do a weekly. I'm sorry yearly. Look at the safest and the most dangerous states for online dating so if you're cruising tinder looking for Valentine's Day date heads up. The results are based on how likely you are to get scammed. How much money scammers have stolen from people and Sd rates in each state? So last year. No yeah I know what's the safest safest state last year was Vermont? As a matter of fact it was safest for two years in a row but this year. It's number two. The Safest State for dating in America is main. Congratulations mainers there you go. I think Maine people are pretty straight up unless you find yourself in Stephen King's fictional town of dairy where they're maniacal clowns in the sewers and vampires and everything places perfect but for the most part I feel like main people tell you how it is. And here's the rest of the listing the safest state's online dating in two thousand twenty our main West. Virginia Vermont actually is third West. Virginia's second and Kentucky New Hampshire South Dakota North Dakota Idaho Nebraska and Iowa. Here are the ten riskiest states for online dating Alaska. Nevada California North Carolina Maryland Colorado Virginia Washington New York. And of course Florida Florida. Yeah so what surprises you there Alaska to that of all time. That was the most surprising. Because you know you say California and it's a wonderful place. It's a great state but it's so big it's so diverse there's GonNa be some craziness going on right in Florida. Obviously you know it's an interesting state. People in Alaska like wired to be helpful in neighborly and friendly and the nights are long winters are cold. Just thinking like that would be an optimal place so that's your heads up for the riskiest and the best places the date online and here as we approach. Valentine's Day from PR. News wire are It's it's it's a collection from a website called fit smart business dot com. They came up with The worst Valentine's Day gifts people have posted online from last year. A break-up seven percent of people who were this think say they were dumped by somebody on Valentine's Day which to me is like hey bud come on. You couldn't give it one more day had do that. There's Allenton stay now. Is always going to be a bad memory for her. There's a new expression called Valentine leading to you. Know what that means. No means breaking up with someone right before Valentine's Day so you don't have to spend the money on them because you're not you're not really into it you just don't WanNa have to hit the pocket or how much you really spending. It's not so much if I were going to be doing that. It would not be the money as much as it would be all the performing this adult performance. Do you really like it. Yeah I gave a lot of thought to that purse Here's another one. That's somebody got the Huggy Graham. Which is an arm shaped pillow? That hugs a purse. I want then my house a Wendy's drive-thru meal a wild squirrel. How did you catch? Actually my wife will probably didn't we do within. The squirrels were pets at one time. Like in the seventeen hundred. Yeah well my wife's Adopted a few that were wild squirrel firm. I know that's that's what my My dog would be saying because he after six years he's never been able to Dog Treats when the person doesn't have a dog. I don't know why you would do that. 'cause you're adding that. Gwyneth Paltrow special candle that one clothing for to like a two person snuggle or a sweater. I've never no no. I've never dated a man that would get us a two person smoggy or swearing you good for you. Which but bob what would you do? Let's say that you and Mary had were dating about six months. And here comes Valentine's Day and she gets to persons snuggie and wants to spend a Sunday afternoon watching hallmark movies in the two persons Snuggie Star euphonium enough to ride it out. I'd start smoking again. And then just say. Dropped the cigarette on it. You're you know what you're going to do it. Your and this is respect your phony enough to do a Sunday afternoon to personally. I knew when we're watching. Whatever she wants you've only been dating six months. She makes funny faces. Max is he not phony enough for the two percents yagi hallmark movie marathon She's GonNa she's GonNa Throw it away after about two days. You know why. I'm GONNA get knowing. Do you know what I mean. Yeah because I mean I'm right there. I'm right there. I mean we're here. Anyway she can throw it away and I don't have to smoke again Somebody got tweezers for Valentine's Day that sense of passive aggressive and finally a toilet street seat that sounds passive aggressive to say that. Sounds like maybe you should have just dumped that person. Done the Vallon tidying thing. It's Bob and Sheri us the talk back to back each time. The Free Auburn Sherry APP and leave us a message. Friend of Mine Imprac to friends of mine Their son is getting married in about a month or so. And it's it's kind of a destination wedding. They live there but a lot of their family does not. They live in southern California and a lot of their family including the parents live on the east coast. So it's a big deal for people to fly there to go to sweating. It's a real. It's a real commitment as a destination wedding and I guess that's kind of what it would be for people on the East Coast in the Mid West to fly to Los Angeles I was going. I was just about to get my ticket. And then you and I were booked for an appearance Meeting listeners and so I am unable to go. I feel badly about that. I am looking at what is probably the worst destination wedding that has ever been held. It was just posted on. Read it A friend of somebody is having a wedding in Cancun Mexico okay. The bride and the groom are not just asking people to fly to Mexico to pay for their hotel and to take time off work because the wedding is on a Monday their guests also have to through a time share presentation. That is the nightmare. Well you know why I bet the couples getting all deal. GotTa deal that many people awaiting expensive thing you gotta give them points for creativity. I them nothing. That's so horrible. And this copy and it says right now. It's not clear if that was part of the deal for the couple to get married at the hotel. Oh yes it was. That was a major part of it. They had to they had to provide. I Dunno twenty people or whatever. How could you do that? How could you ask people to fly their spend all that money on the hotel and then sit through a pressure? Pack time share presentation. That's going to go on for at least two hours. I could then take the tour. I couldn't ask that of people that I loved now as phony as I can be. I don't think I can sit through a time share presentation like I'm interested. I don't think you give yourself enough credit if there if you were if the incentive was right if the reason that you were sitting through that time share presentation was right. I believe you are phony enough to pull that off like a champ. Thank you you are welcome. And I mean that they're in other words. If I knew that this couple they really wanted to be in Cancun. This means the world to them. Yeah and this is. This is part of the deal. You could do it in fact. There is almost no scenario in the world that I don't believe you are incapable of being phone enough. Pull off thank you very much. I really appreciate that. That is a beautiful view. Wow Gosh I mean you can't see the ocean But what if you blur your eyes? You don't see the parking lot and are those mountains in the background. That is something you're you're capable of almost anything and that is a compliment. I think your ability to turn that on and be the funniest thing going as it's like social Ky. Man You could just get through any social situation. Social K Y you know. I never thought of myself that way but their third times worse so uncomfortable that you're like is the is the buffs social jar. I can I. May I ask a question the pool? It's so big and there's only like three or four people that are sitting around it is like oh it is. It's that way most of that. Well that's that's a plus for us. We've had a handful of situations in our career that have been so awkward awkward. I just I look at you. It's all a man squeezed harder and get in there because it is all you thank you so much for supporting show. I. I've always very clean and out to do an appearance here. It's just so much fun for me. I'd met some listeners. That would otherwise thank you. Hey thank you so much for listening to the bobbing sorry podcast. And the Bob and Sheri odd cast. We would love if you would subscribe rate and review and share it with a friend on facebook twitter instagram. Wherever you go and thank you again for listening..

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