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I guess i'll go for walk. Yes so that was. That was interesting. I did think i was going to have to change. The view auto is going to be a first one person. Book single pi. I've changed it by altering the timings. Say you've had a busy way question. Yeah is roscoe still alive. The only plant tonight this. This brasco is still alive. And there's a spider plant as der still alive. I had to throw out the umbrella plant. it was gone. The daffodils died two and my succulent died. Killed a succulent. Yes yeah you skills anyway at comments below him on as a what you got all right. We have two comments this week on for self. We have an ansi email this and she had a question does look confused by so i was hoping you could help me is on. Yes he says. Hey have you to consider doing book cards for j. Saffy reading challenge. It will lead to more book sales in you. Women right great books. What are the kurds. Yes i. I had a conversation jay about this very thing today because i kept getting emails from readers as well saying you should do book. Identify what it is so email j. Basically tuesday if she's an fantastic reading challenge alter the air think and she's challenging readers to read a bit more lynn and in different trips say. I'm not exactly sure how it works but you can do do called for each book you've got any can say what types in its people can match the types of the books and then read yours. If that's the trope they have to be meeting this month. Something like that and you can put it in her. Facebook group jays facebook I'm still confused or week creating an actual car. I don't understand. Chris graphic basically. Oh crappies graphic. I was like are trill trying to create like fifty two cards in the diagnose. A guy they don't have enough. That would don't take a little time as wouldn't it be confused. I i always appreciate people with they suggesting to help with promotion. But i'm not sure who this is but you obviously had the same problem. Our our next call is so leeann you tint lisbet come out as says the podcast by the way i appreciate having resources specific to liz vic so thanks very much for listening to us. Pull his jonas. He wrote in to me and he said He's been falling in love with both all books. He recently finished before he's a day and he's been listening to lesbians you right as he's out cycling and walking but he's only up to episode seven so he's got a long way to get so at halle jonas listening but i'm not sure he'll be upset. Ninety eight just yet. He also says he's not reservations of the heart day and spent almost four hours straight reading it. So they listening. There's there's trauma ahead for you. And spoiler latte tb lives And kathy says getting ready to listen to you. Paul 'cause tb. i just love it and look forward to the week. Thank you much. Thank you for listening kathy area. Are we moving on to the main topic. Yes say the question is do you books. Follow a formula if say does it help where hindu that was. The original question that came in from a reader. I cannot remember your name. Sorry but it was such a great question that we started to make a whole of it as our main question. So i think we said this before. The old true romance is must fully some kind of formula because if they don't then not romance books simplest that really But you can write what you like around the formula so they can seem unfamiliar even. There's a formula in there. He peel off the layers. Say the challenge for you is to make it. Seem like they're not written formula even though they'll yep A couple of years ago ran mcleod. And ira et a writer's conference camera which one and an author speaking at the event who was not a romance writers a she wrote mysteries or thrillers. I can't remember what she was saying that she was really jealous of her friend. Who was a romance writer because All her friend had to do was slapped. Some stuffing and story was already there. Because like it's so easy to write romance rumors. And i looked at each other and we dislike courts naira like. Why is it hard for us. Men like like all his slaps mr bid. And that's it. Because i think everyone thinks about someone else's jonah like. Oh gosh alicia. Real data easier. They answer for me is do my book. Swallow formula Yes and no. 'cause i write books like lizzie. Series are just published a book eight owen trapped in yes. Each kind of follows a formula but since his continuation of lizzie is life in his toll. True her pov. It's a much different kind of formula. Like i still have to hit different marks in each installment because each book has to have like a four story arc. So i'd have to hit that but we also have to hit points on the overarching art. So it's a bit. The formula isn't as obvious as in some of my standalone. But it still there that makes sense. Yeah definitely does i. As that does hold true for any series books. Say every stunt lame book espec- in romance until talking raymond's every book in romance. We'll have a formula. Would i every genre book has a formula. Say it's not just romance thrillers. Mysteries cozy mysteries in horror at any of them will always have so six seven points that you need to hit to get your story and you have to have those on the page and if you don't have them then you'll books not probably not as likely to be very well because it's what readers expect. Yeah all readers still wanna hear that books have a formula but if we broke the formula readers when it finally look of sci-fi especially if you are a reader genre that this is like your favorite toner. You're expecting certain beats to be hit. Even though if you're not really aware of your expecting you know for the The meat cute on the fall in love what we call the black moment in like the fighting for love kind of thing this to be happening and if we kind of skip some of those i mean we can change it. It doesn't have to exactly internet definition. We could change it but if you don't hit them people like well just still think it hits the mark in like you get the reviews it said something lacking here. Yes and usually readers danquah name. What is because why would you. But it's normally that that the actual things that you need on the page and not there and say you feel just a bit bereft bit cheated of the story. That should have been so in romance. You can find environmental books on this specific scenes that you have to have in the book and as tb. santino chico them slightly different things to wa. I'm going to call them but there will. It's it's basically all the same thing so i've got obligatory scenes. Cool them The meeting the confession of love the first case the break-up the preface love and the lovers reunite and climax knowing that way everyone. Well it could be you. Don't take makeup six hundred.

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