Jimmy It, Frank, President Trump discussed on Michael Savage


I mean, could you eat smelling pavement? Now give me chicken color. Which carbon monoxide on what? Rice? Thank you Write. So what is Uru cooking at home? I just picked up macaroni and peoples from my mother. God bless her. She just Oh, you got your mother. All your so lucky God bless you Make me almost say had to think about it, You know? Lucky you are You still have a mother on the radio? I listen to it. Sometimes I go back to your old stories and Frank with the one arm. Forget about Frank. Oh, yeah, Yeah, yeah. The halitosis Frank now, But when you said that we did do we paid the transfer market did something It was horrible. No, I don't want to tell a story. About one on Frank is a famous story of one of my family storybooks. There are no people. No, you got me distracted. Now we're supposed to talk about disease and the president, But I want to ask you something. There were people in those days in the fifties who had such a breath on them that you really could faint if you were in a car with him. I don't smell it anymore. People. Is that like a product of like mouthwash or better hygiene. What was it that was so bad in the fifties and you could die from them? I would get a migraine around him. I know your ice maps. You know, I got guys that wear dentures and that'll wash my car. Come on, Jimmy. Stop it. That's an attack. That's an Italian thing. Come on. It's always the provolone. He took him on the product. You say provolone, provolone e gets some say apples, Some say oranges. He's a provolone, provolone E. You know, we said hello. No provolone. How do you say calamari? Because some of New York's a gala Mari Right now. We should mop Gallimard. So now what is that Sicilian Gallimard. That's a silly and gal Amar. You know? How did how did what about what a good mama smells like. I can't say I can't do that. Sorry, almost mixed it towards up together. Have that only come on, Jimmy, stop now with now, with descending into male hoodia, Cut it out Way can't exhibit any sign of old male behavior on the radio. But You know, Jimmy on the podcast. I got it. Wait a minute. Hey, Jim, Stop the music. Jimmy, would you agree to be a regular guest on my podcast? Maybe once a week. I would be their trysts for you. I'd do anything you want to know. I got it. So I'm going to maybe get some like great callers that I currently have. It will call him on. Right, Jim. We could do that. Now be fun for you. You know, I have hundreds of thousands of people a day of download the podcast. Now, I guess it's gonna triple when I'm no longer heard on the radio. As long as I want to do it, we'll see how it goes. Jimmy. I would send you a free copy of our fight for America. But I already got three. What you do with them? I'm waiting for them. Oh, they didn't send them in the mail is slow. Do you know about Pelosi was? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'm trying to get a car but just now for three months I'm trying to transfer Get Ah, sticker from my car. It's I went out of date. It's three months. The California Department of Motor Vehicles is so busy certifying illegal aliens to vote. They don't have time to like the motor vehicle stuff. With enough time for the motor vehicles and the only time for Department of Mexican voting. Wait. Did you think I know you never get the guy that robbed your car in the parking lot. Oh, that was a false alarm. It was found. Would you believe it? Dirty son of a skunk. Well, let's are no, no, that was two years ago. That was two years ago and nothing but the Chinese restaurant where I used to eat in the in the mission in San Francisco, where they broke in the car, install everything about a year ago. That restaurant just went out of business. Been there for 25 years. So it looked Jimmy the world's changing on all of us, But let's get back to the behavior. The president, do You think we agree that you think the joyride was a mistake? What about him going home today? But listen, let me just say this before I leave you and I will go. I will be on your kids just call and I'll be there. But listen, we got a Chinese restaurant here, but I will not eat in it. You know, you know what the name of it is. Kobe discussed. What is it called? One, Hung lo. Come on. Now. That's juvenile. We heard that in the fourth grade. Jimmy. Let's get serious for me to cut out the juvenile jokes of people. A lot of them think I'm a jokester. Your cousin died from Kobe. How old was she? 33 years old Adam. Okay now did she have underlying conditions? She was a little overweight. That was about it. Okay. But did you know that you have anything else? Asthma? Anything like that? So she was just a little heavy. Right, That's all. Okay, so she got the disease. How long will it take till it took her out? Not even a month month and a half. Month month and a half did she go to the hospital at any point? Yes, she was in the house little immediately. They had a run of ventilator respirator, and they're right onto the ventilator. And when she died, she died on the ventilator. Yes. Say it. God bless her man, her mother or destroyed So I don't understand how President Trump. Well, that's what I'm saying. To me. This is risky behavior. I don't like it. No, I don't like it for him. I don't like it for the nation. I don't like the message it sends Jimmy It's very negative. Let's even just talk about him. I think he's putting himself at great risk by by getting himself out of the hospital. I don't believe a word that doctors say they say what he tells him to say. They're all afraid of getting fired. You know that the other day One studies part for the city lost his oxygen. The other one studies find the other cities near near did not find So the doctors basically afraid to say anything for fear they'll get, you know they'll get punished or fired. We don't really know how sick he might have been or how sick he is. But why doesn't he stay in Walter Reed for a week? Is what? I don't understand, Jimmy. Drain. They can't walk. They can't get to the door. They need help out and I did it in two days. Must have been the French fries. Who the hell knows? I don't know. All right, Jimmy, stand along..

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