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Thanks we had a listener that just messes justin said do you think that the other churches in birmingham would just take cash money if church the highlands offered it to them i mean like if if that was the extension of how would they take it and not make a big thing about it i mean it's an interesting we should ask guys i'll tell you robert got me fired up but then burn brought me back down to teeth well that's good here's the thing furnace right and this is where robert is wrong this is where joe locking is wrong as long as you continue to see your color you're going to continue to remain on the plantation as long as you continue to use your color as an excuse you're going to continue to be insulate as long as you stay color that what's going to keep you change where were you want to be free from and so for for all the things like you know joke lockie was like well the black community don't like donald trump because of his family and you know obama was a good family man obama loves playing parenthood kills more black babies than anyone else komo let's use some commonsense obama was a foul were saul linski okay i mean words as the policies word is the theological belief let's go back to a momma's quote unquote pastor you know where where does the common sense play into it and no one looks at cupboard people look at policy people look into people look at at the foundation of of who someone is and that's where that's where joe locke at screwed up that's where robert screwing up you're not looking at the policies you're looking at the color you're looking at at the peripheral you're not looking at what is going on right now what he's what look all the stuff that donald trump did with the black community for the black community before he got into office every black person loved and then you had rapid rapping about it but once he got into office and he got on the republican ticket it was like oh my goodness what is that step of the.

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