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You, weekday mornings from four to 7 on new sport today. Good morning, it's 6 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s here for a Monday morning jacket sure is busy. It certainly is, this is just what we needed to walk into on a Monday. All right, if you're in Maryland and you travel across the bay bridge on a regular basis and the severn river bridge, the trouble this morning is not on the bay bridge, it is on both directions of the severn river bridge. Unfortunately, a tanker truck overturned westbound, unfortunately it sounds like hazmat crews have a lot of work to do. Maybe a diesel fuel spill unclear the truck itself we thought was carrying butane that is not leaking. Eastbound traffic diverts at Raoul boulevard, westbound traffic diverts at X in 27 for routes two and four 50. Everybody seems to be going across the naval academy bridge, so four 50s been stacked early this morning. Give yourself extra time, the severn river bridge is closed in both directions with a truck overturned. Treble and Riverdale is going to be on four ten year kennel worth avenue reported crash. Beltway is getting slower. Topside outer loop, New Hampshire to Georgia, two 70s filling in, leaving Frederick around the monocacy as you head down toward one O 9. You'll find a little bit of heavier traffic on the inner loop between branch avenue and the Wilson bridge. It's just a little delay as you approach I two 95. Little heavier in the district died two 95 northbound to leave Malcolm X avenue headed northbound. D.C. two 95 getting a little slower as you head toward nanny Helen Burroughs avenue in east capital street. Trouble leaving the district was on the outbound case bridge had a crash along the right side. New York avenue at 12th street northwest and reported crash, the intersection of 8th and H streets in northwest also blocked following police direction around the crash. The issues plural in Virginia 66 east out of the roadway, little heavy traffic from 50 toward one 23, looking good on four 95 between Alexandria and mcclain three 95s finite Springfield. There is a delayed cross, the 14th street bridge, and 95 has some brake lights northbound Dale City into woodbridge. Still active on metro, the red line, Tacoma, Silver Spring, forest Glenn, Wheaton, and glenmont stations are closed

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