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Jason's course. That's Jason. Oh, that's hollow. Wayne. Jason, You don't want this guy on your side. You really don't Once you asked me the best sports movie of all time. Well, Okay. Anyway, this is Louis. Survey by two B to B is ranking Halloween as these lost ikon. Yeah. You know what to be is right, Len. To be or not to be. It's what it's what he's put on since Cove it too. Come on. It's a streaming service cheese. Get with this place. We will be And you know that t u b? I okay? It's a streaming service. Okay. Anyway, I'm gonna pick Halloween is the best Halloween. There you go. Good move. What would you pick a second? Second Halloween, Halloween to to let me just get rid of this guy right away Nightmare on Elm Street and scream. Scariest villain of all time. Oh, that would be Hannibal Lecter. Freddy Krueger. Michael's got. He's going to kill you. Land you get. You gotta get some help from the listener. You are not going to do well with women. I I only need one listener. I think Lenny's about five people. Finally, finally here, the most island The most iconic quote from a scary movie. This a good good line. Ah, it's coming from inside the house. No, no. I ate him with a nice Chianti and follow beans. Oh, that's pretty good. Like no, No, no. I see dead people from Seoul. Right? Of course. Yeah, right, right. No, he doesn't. But I never got past the fifth sense movie I'd ever got to the city's thanks subservient. Can't wait for trivia. Natalie. This is gonna be fun on Friday for trivia. 9057 10, Wooo. Thanks, Joey Appreciated coming up Next. We have colorful attorney Ron to be. I mean, Coby Ron could be Get his take on businesses that may be forced to shut down tomorrow. Ron Kuby is coming up next Bernie better with wfor traffic..

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