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My hugo have to call in and do it 'cause i feel like my boss has given ademi of icao phone number even though i know that you want your phone number out did you will have to call in give that dude you'll phone number yourself so he can call you a d if you are here mike we'll give you is bone of go ahead give i hit 'em up at dj mike hitman 21 on twitter de uh might say he want to highlight you he means it by the way every single word he means it that's what we need said it would you mikey meddlesome ice day you tell me michael could recruit crude who he could recruit proud me as mike's recruiting technique would do involve a whole lot of holland angel momma right here in front of you but it'll be very very charm he will be very vigilant our aides attitude at these observed that's our telephone number coming up next jess out this march will have the giants become talk dan glaviano of espn on espn radio the s p anap siriusxm channel lady hey you book travel for work listen up book your next business trip upsidecom and i'll give you two of the best gifts anyone will give you this holiday season of repair silently while does at phones you can have peace acquired on your business trip and the gift of the better business travel experience only of monitors your business trip around the clock proactively keeping you posted on everything from the weather in the city you're going to to changing your flight home so you can adjust your meetings schedule have you ever experienced a level serves before on a business trip note all that pal's upside is great prices of lights otila rental cars now to get your free pair bozanic wildest headphones use my code bomani when you book your first tripupsidecom that's code bomani at upside i counterclaim my free gift to you both sounding wildest headphones upside daca you deserve a better business trip headphones available while supplies last must be first upside purchase six hundred dollar minimum purchase required ceaseifre complete details the right time with no money jones ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the right time.

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