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And I feel like what they're talking about doing is she's talking about punting this problem to somebody else is not elected official it we're hearing all kinds of things I mean what's the deal I mean the deal is that you want to give a permit two cats which is a great organization and I believe that other cities should take the example cat cafe and use that example we have four hundred bit we have medical we have singles of the worker there we have the Andrea house we have all the services but it's only geared towards four hundred five hundred people and I believe that it should be a regional approach and the other thing is we need to put money into crises and we need to put money and we need to make sure that it's in different locations are need to create a multi the shelter shelters throughout the city of Phoenix are you going to take action against the mayor's office for being the physically I mean I don't know how to say it you really do they put their hands on you and you said it best if it was a man this right would be wholly different you have to take action you know I I just going to have to take my dad's advice just sit down cool down and then an imprint in figure it out would you like to face guy a goes spokesperson Anne to cross maybe if this year's WrestleMania and maybe you'll hate my dad taught me the right we we don't Hey I was on hand to hand on a woman's boxing out there that was a rebound do you think you could got that rebound because she was back in that movie up like it was going to go get that rebound is there anything I can say to get you to change your vote on Hooper left before we let you go now there's nothing to say I was a pretty bad vote I was not your best moment but you know what you came on today will give you that one all right but you know what's really important is that there's neighborhood associations like ramparts Central Park Oaklyn same Massey university Sherman park coal felt north of audio and those are the individuals have been working over six months and working out with the situation with cat so I hope we continue.

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