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She gave you She gave you the green light. You closed, and she she cut off her own foot. That's her fault. Okay, all right. I would have done in the past. I've always was kind of scared. Yeah. Just it doesn't sound like you were scared. It sounds like you're being a jerk. You didn't You never opened the door the whole way. What? I did it when I was a teenager, okay? So anyway, certain things kind of die off with time. Um Like I'll admit I'm guilty of this. I don't always open my wife's door. Wow, I know right now. Now in my defense, a lot of times she's like, Just go ahead and get it should just wait. You're fine. We'll also you You said earlier. It depends on how long you've been together, right? I know I didn't. If everyone it's it's difference at a certain point. Look opening the door for your lady is a great thing, and I still do it on occasion. Should I probably do it more probably, but it's not like I never do it anymore. Um, on top of that. When you've done it so many times. It's almost like you need to peel back. Yeah. So that way She doesn't take it for granted. That's that flow logic. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It's not. It's not. It's not because she's going to take it for granted. Honestly, it's because, and I mean, this is because it's getting old. You're tired of duties. What's even worse is not being honest. Like you just want to get in the car. And you know what, sweetheart, But it's okay. She just wants to get in the car to. It's fine as long as you both are on the same page. You're golden. There are girls that are like, Don't dote on me. Yeah, One of my exes was like that. And it's like I ain't going to dote on you, but I mean, I ain't going, you know love on you. There's a difference. There's a difference between like No, You're not allowed to carrying groceries or you're too weak to open that heavy door. Yeah, man vs. I just try to do something nice for you, sweetie. That's it. That's it or sometimes, which is the other way to do it is you know is is open her door so you can watch your legs. Get in the car. Yeah. Wait. What? That's the reason we always That's the reason Always. We always let females go first. Is it? You think we're being nice clothes scoping out your butt? Yeah, exactly close scoping out your but just just f Y I So if you had an old car, like, you know, didn't have the remote thing we had, like a seventies Camaro or something that he had to do the would you have to go up and do the key open of the passenger deal first, before you went to the other side? Yeah. Yeah. You unlock it and you open the door. Oh, We'll be thankful it's that as opposed to, you know, you having a general Lee? Let's say and you having to squeeze them into the card window. Have to pick her up and put her in? Yeah. Yeah, because when I go out on a date with when I'm driving my crx, you take that thing on dates. Yeah. Which Wednesday last time Well, which which It's been awhile, But yes, I have. But what number date? Because I'm assuming 1st 2nd 3rd Day You're taking your your your your pre owned Lexus. I've done first states before or stealing a station vehicle and using that Hey, that was the nineties. Yeah, The current station vehicles aren't worth it now, actually, In a lot of the cases, it's the same vehicles you want. I'll give you a quick side story. Clo knows this, Um.

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