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That was considered by many people to be one of the last unspoiled spots on earth is now covered with pieces of fasting. The report in the journal nature estimates, there are now more pieces of plastic in the oceans than there are stars in the Milky Way. And the trash is washing up places like Australia. Cocos keeling islands a tiny chain in the middle of the Indian Ocean about a million shoes. Mostly flipflops landed on those beaches in all scientists say, there are four hundred fourteen million pieces of plastic on those islands, which only take about five and a half square miles last week, deepwater explorer found a plastic bag in the Mariana trench the deepest spot in the ocean, which never had been reached a human before. Correspondent Scott Goldberg in Trenton, state Senate president Steve Sweeney has unveiled a plan. He says, would save the state's failing pension system and improve the state's financial situation one measure would revamp pension plans for teachers and non uniform public employees under the proposal, they would no longer get traditional defined benefit pensions. Another proposal would merge school districts into regional. Districts, sixty six degrees. Fair skies were going down to fifty six overnight in the city wins news time, nine fifty six. Now, Bloomberg money. Watch on ten ten wins. Wall Street made it three obsessions roll the key averages are close to wiping out the losses from the Monday sell off that Jones industrials rose two hundred fifteen points eight tenths percent to twenty five thousand eight sixty two the NASDAQ closed seventy six points or one percent, higher the S and P five hundred game twenty five points or nine tenths percent. Shares of blue chip Cisco systems and WalMart advanced on better than expected quarterly results. The trade tensions with China may have been put on Wall Street's back burner. But Neela Richardson of Edward Jones and company says the importance of deal cannot be understated thirteen to world growth. And that's what we're looking at. That's why deal the trade deal between the two countries is so important, Bloomberg reports. Amazon is close to finalizing a deal to acquire the advertising technology of. Bankrupt company that developed ebbed server that places spots on the internet and measures. They're affective nece, Bloomberg.

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