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Around his family. The next day. You talked with your neighbors about the show in this case. Did you see Tim Conway and Harvey Korman last night? Did you see that Manny had them laughing? Tim Conway is name was. Thomas daniel. Or Tim Conway? Actor writer director. He portrayed the incident. Parker in the nineteen sixties World War Two situation. Comedy comedy Mikhail's navy? Carol Burnett show, of course, co star with Don Knotts in the few movies in the seventies and eighties like the apple dumping dumpling gang. Apple dumpling, gang rights, again think those two together right there. To the great brilliant comedians. Not so much just what they said. But what they did the look on their face their expressions on their face when you watched on nuts. It was so much about Don Knotts express with the karate chops and just the big bulging eyes. It was Tim Conway's way of being sort of submissive and sort of cut a clumsy and. Together. I remember the kid we go to the drive in movies. My parents take us the drive in movies would see the dumpling gang. And they were so good together. And they were such innocent movies. And it was hard to figure out who do you look at the time. You look at Don Knotts, or do you look at Tim Koller because they're both so funny whether expressions you to Joe Michaels, I'm doing well back a memory from my childhood, which which part just apple dumpling apple dumpling drive in who went to the the local mall's theater local mall. It's no longer exists. But it was one of those family holidays.

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