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Whoa quebec adviser glued arena getting you ready poor air force women's basketball as they welcome in the current mountain west conference leaders the mexico lobos although for both of these teams this is our first foray into mountain west play ryan kaufman whip you courtside and it it's not often that here in our fair city of colorado springs that a top three ranked team in the country comes here to play but that was indeed the case eight days ago as the third rate louisville cardinals cain calling presenting a unique opportunity for the falcons to take a shot at the elite of college basketball eight get that experience and you know what they did take their best shot force held the cardinals to their lowest scoring output of the season sixty two points and turn them over twenty two times if you work throughout louisville's nonconference schedule there isn't a team that did both of those things as well as air force did now the scoring in totality they fell twelve point shy but there were some outstanding individual performances freshman kaelin mol scored a teamhigh seventeen point senior de bennett chipped in with twelve dis classmate courtney porter had seven points which put her at nine hundred and ninety four for her career a similar performance tonight would make her just the fifteenth player in air force program history and just the fixed in the division one era to score at least one thousand points in her career scoring tonight shouldn't be a big issue as we go both have given up at least eighty five points in game four times already this year the thing is they have scored at least eighty five points nine times new mexico can absolutely why it up they light to run the basketball they light to take threes in fact not just threes like steph curry threes this team wants to rain from deep a very difficult match up on the defense event for the falcons tonight coming up next we'll give you the particulars of out the lobos of new mexico that is next as we roll along here on the air force women's basketball pregame show on the.

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