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The two candidates currently running for the job john granted theresa was kedah a woman convicted in a deadly hit and run your green lake on new year's day has been sentenced to eight and a half years in prison prosecutors say trees have zala was behind the wheel when she struck done l e l e on walling forever the north merely died at the scene and have zala were drove off she pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and felony hit and run back in august a superior court judge rules that she will not allow for punitive damages the civil suit for the ride the ducks crash nearly two years ago she says the case did not meet the high standard for punitive damages which washington state typically does not allow the part of the case was against the bride the dutch international out of missouri attorney karen colour is the lawyer for the plaintiffs carpet failure now i am left breathless and looking at details everything that happened but the judge agreed with the ride the ducks attorney who argued that the accident in injuries had it happened he he hasn't here and not at the corporate office the company five people died and dozens were injured after arrived the ducks in fitness vehicle crash did to a tour bus on seattle's aurora bridge in september of 2015 and other fire near clear yellowed right now is threatening twenty homes of those families have been ordered to get out the tian away river fire started friday afternoon it has now grown to to earn fifty acres and evacuation shelter is open at the mercer creek church in ellensburg well it's a big traffic weekend the alaskan wave viaduct is closed for one of its last inspections and drivers of the south sound will face of work on interstate 5 this weekend is cruise work on northbound i5 through south tacoma overnight tonight analytical area also overnight wrapping up by eleven am sunday morning couples denise whitaker breaks at all down two large consumer shows draw fouls in this weekend adding to our regional traffic alert.

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