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Did did a decent amount. I was surprised to see a both of those guys in the list and b both of those guys above Jimmy Johnson. And see both of those guys above some of the chase Elliott cars and Jimmy Johnson's scheme was kind of garbage last year. It was a little wasn't the best. There's nothing write home about. But you almost have to wonder if the William Byron Alex Bowman are just not nostalgia picks as well. Yeah. Oh, I'm sure I'm sure. Yeah. I think that that's a big thing there too. Yeah. Yeah. Surprise surprise. No Cal Bush. I am too actually. Because remember he was like second in the most popular driver voting. Yeah. So I mean, I'm surprised that people aren't buying his car. Price. Kevin harvick's doesn't have a couple in their. He's only got the one all the way down the Bush, beer one. I'm and only one of these skin through list right now. Only one of those cars was a in the top ten was a Darlington car. Chase Elliott in the hooters interesting. Yep. Yep. By the way. Speaking of Darlington cars, I saw one sixty four the method no car with the Jeff Burton Plum. Pretty slick made those may one of those. I saw it's fantastic. Oh, yeah. No, no Miller lite car. No, wreckage Laskey, no, joy Lugano's. But but I think the Luganda I I don't have a hard time buying that. Joel ex Nomar tricks exactly very popular driver. And yet people weren't buying his stuff. The only thing that because break Laskey neither here nor there when it comes to like say popular driver voting. But that's that's scheme is so iconic that that usually that would be enough to sell cars. I would think but you had the biggest biggest prize from me is William Byron third on that list. But I think you've paid it. I think people were buying the twenty four because that it was the exalted scheme. And so it looks exactly like the Jeff Gordon car. So yeah. And you just get it that way and and hope for the best. So I mean, interesting still picks. Yeah. I mean, it it shows where people put their money and all three of those five chase Elliott our win card. Yeah. So there's special schemes that way as well. Most of them are normal schemes Napa scheme for chase Elliott executive for William Byron nationwide for Alex Bowman lows for Jimmy Johnson credit one four color Bush beer for Kevin. But like you said three of them are the chase Elliott win cars. And then one is the chase Elliott Darlington car. I know right. They have. Okay. So if you're NASCAR, I mean, this this means something, you know, because this is more than just people's voting online because you know, if you're a rabid chase the fan of there's a chase Elliott fan club. They could go and stuff the ballot vote every day. Right. But this is people putting their money where their mouth is. And I mean, if your NASCAR don't you? I I mean, I guess they've been pushing him, but don't you up the ante on that a little bit? Don't you piss off Kabul's more by making it even more about chase Elliott now to these got wins. And you know, people are spending money on his stuff. Yeah. It's interesting. I mean, it goes to show. I would love to see. That's what it was was merchandising sales was the other one. So that would be hats shirts, everything else. Like, oh, that's that's right. That's what we were talking about before. Uh-huh. Lost my train of thought what the hell you're talking about whether or not NASCAR should should upped the ante on marketing, which aren't getting well, I mean, you can only do so much marketing to like I mean, especially now that it's back on their own..

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