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Can you touch your toes can pray like now this your your right now i could do that too what's up next for you guys see of this movie coming out with chun's very exciting isla and you know one even though you say like it's not a golden globes i've news like this is all about entertainment it's about entertaining people taking we like to go to the movies so we can escape unseasonally cool and fun and an interesting and you guys provide action explosives and things we love that this would heed with should on no he got together a whole bunch of action stars and dependable and he put together this like a tribute to the 80s films just just real action by real people that can do it and it was so much fun to sit down and just go round with all these people that he calls his idol's is friends is beers there was a commodity and respected he had four so it's a it's a lot of fun can do something like them expendable was a big inspiration gallons of course slows inspect expendable zoning overhead and show them on you have gospel ruined in martic oscars carry the go to your career mit is use all of you agree knows your authorized shoes steel in shape no caretta champion i mean for dragging wealth on the dragging rose 11th i kickboxing champion i'm in for me it was the income through it and i just hope that i'll get to enjoy it because we already open it in russia like an thousands screens said and they live yet they loved tagore sold it pretty much everywhere internationally and now like this right it will be limited theaters in states next week it will be under your direct box and after that it will gun netflixing so i just hope that everyone who love old fashion action movies of elect showed on manila you know and my next film is maximum impact our dimension it under the guy who directed the andre about quota cuts to the grave.

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