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Favor. Fifty five opposed six abstentions. So for people. Who didn't grow up in the catholic. Faith when is communion communion is considered the central kind of right and ritual of catholics. That keeps them literally. Little see like in communion with each other and with god and that's when people have been to a catholic service when you see them go up to the priest and the priest can give them like a wafer and drink that represents the body and blood of jesus so it means it's this kind of mysterious ritual where god is supposed to be in you at that moment and under catholic teaching. You're supposed to be in a certain state when you when you do this. And over the centuries catholic teaching has changed about. Exactly how communion works like when it first started in the early centuries. A lot of people didn't take communion because you know there was such a kind of emphasis on the rigidity of being in the right state and then it became more popular and then they had different rules about how often each year supposed to confess and take communion whether you're supposed to be fasting for many hours before hand or just one so there's been there's been fluxes in sort of its popularity but i mean it's become much more common and regular part of people's worship in recent years and then why is this such an important part of the experience of being catholic in catholicism which is the biggest faith group in the united states. There's a lot of what you'd call kind of powerful ritual you know when you think of catholic churches here like this ornate and there's pictures and sculptures of jesus on the cross and and the smell of the incense and you know it's a very intense kind of body leave people say often it's like a very bodily kind of faith so you have this image of some of ingesting god and being one with god so i mean. It's it's usually capitalized community. But it's also little see like that. You are saying you know that you are part of this community part of part of the catholic faith when you when you take communion and some people i mean especially right now having been you know so many people being away from that service for for the past year for many people whether they go each week or they go a couple times a year. It's very like intimate part of their their life. They're an technically. You know. I mean if you're you're supposed to say confession regularly you're going through these rituals that you embrace and believe that. Means so much to you and communion is sort of the culminating one in the trash can just like stop someone from doing this in. It feels like you know stopping some worn from parang rate. Yeah well it's i mean. Most people would tell you like this doesn't happen. I mean that shirt dino. Catholics don't get grilled like when they show it when they appear for communion. What technically it's supposed to meet. The onus is on the worshiper rate. Because you're it's supposed to be that you present yourself when you know you're in the right state of mind and catholicism talks a lot about the primacy of conscience saw these things are kind of weighing in the picture But the difference with something like this is. That biden is a public official. I mean for people. Who are you know a little bit older. They can certainly remember. The church would not give community people who were a divorced and remarried outside of the church. Where people who were living together. Who weren't married. It's something that i think was at one time. Like more community enforced where know the church was was more rigid and people sort of police each other more and it just wasn't done you know if you're in a situation where you're living with somebody or you had a child and you weren't married or whatever that whatever the situations were and you hadn't gone through the process of confessing and getting permission. You just didn't go now. Obviously the country is you know has matured diverse views and catholics. American catholics have very similar views as the american public. In general when you pull them on all these things whether that's support for abortion rights which a majority of catholics hold to lgbtq rights and stuff like that never mind getting into sexual issues you know whether that's capital punishment or helping the poor and that kind of thing. So i mean you don't have people being turned away except you have had especially since the nineteen eighties with some people call. It's drizzly like a wafer watch where politicians catholic politicians who supported abortion. Rights have been have been watched. And so you had mario cuomo and dick durbin and annoy and john kerry had many bishops in two thousand four when he was running threatening to not give him communion. Actually joe biden was denied communion. Last fall in the southeast. When he was. I think he was just on the campaign trail How did president putin respond to oldness. President biden has barely spoken the word abortion since he's been president. I mean he's really. We've reached out to him for comment. You know last week. And over weeks of preparing for this and they. There's never been any comment from his administration. He was asked on friday about it. The catholic bishops are moving on this resolution that would prove prevent you and others who've supported abortion from receiving communion. Are you concerned about the rift in the catholic church. I feel personally about that. That's a private matter. I don't think that's happen. I'm assuming he meant. I don't think me others will be turned away from communion but we have a abortion rights case coming before the supreme court soon so it really puts his presidency in a conflict with part of his church and he talks about his faith but not not much. I mean he talks more about it in a personal way. He doesn't kind of in allies teachings in a lot of detail. He talks about it. Were in a personal way and the comfort and role that it plays in his life immediate. This feels like it could be perceived as a double standard because you know a bill barr attorney general under. The trump administration is catholic. And the he revved up the federal death penalty in was he censured for it. Well see this is right okay. So whether when you look at other things whether it's you know some catholics have raised. You know fell barring the death penalty or catholic lawmakers and the treatment of immigrants The you know muslim travel ban. I mean many things you know. Racism is against catholic teaching as well. You know cats. Teaching is heavily focused on welcoming immigrants and refugees. So then you kind of get into this. You know what you. Sometimes you'll hear people say while there's things that are you know basically Policies that are sort of subject to difference of opinion. Like you could say you know. Everybody wants to help the poor and help immigrants but they have different ideas about how they should do that. So the death penalty is sort of in. This category has been i mean. Recently per pope francis said you know the catholic church is officially against the death penalty. It had always been almost almost almost that but it didn't push all the way over because there was a sense that basically under criminal justice sometimes this is justice that you have justice up against life. This is not an innocent life. The way a fetuses so people who support you know what happened with bill barr would say technically. It's different so then you kind of get into this will technically is really abortion. The only thing if you're saying you're supportive of life. Okay so there is a difference between you know a fetus a crazed killer or something like that but the bottom line is. What's the goal of catholic teaching. You know what is it that if you're going to kind of negotiate to the you know splitting hairs. What's the crux of it. President biden is only the second catholic to serve as president of the united states. What do you feel like. His presidency tells us about the state of the catholic church right now. Only one half of the catholic vote compared to john f. kennedy who won. I think somewhere between seventy and eighty percent of the catholic vote. So you know. Basically catholics are divided. Shines a light up to sort of okay. Who's the catholic role model for catholics. Fight over authority. Who becomes the bishop communion becomes this kind of seal of approval. And so it's just very. It's very.

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