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It's confidence is of that of like like you see. He was lining them up. He does that in. A fight is crazy the way he's fighting tito he fights for like he'd tito he needs to be filled up more water or managers. Here that hard now. Because it's gotta call you. You're not but the shit's hopping up. Shit is that should never gonna. That's what i'm saying. I don't fuck with that. 'cause i'll knock that down and i used to have one you want to your in your in and elizabeth those things you see. I can't really work with that. I use you always want to. Don't get me wrong you. it's fun you want to. Because you're envisioning a man. I prefer those aqua bags that is also you know but somebody's gotta go. Oh look at the difference in a teller the tape. It's the height six three five nine matter too much if the Yeah but how is rob gonna get in in on the inside of that. I'll be honest with you. Rob does have the the The danger of getting clip by one of those super super fast shots bishops throws. You know if he's not careful going in Rob's never been afraid to take chances now he just has to make the correct Move and making sure that he doesn't at the right time because he could get he can get really really popped or or buzzed by by one of these bishops shots med. Bishops been very very good at lining them up down. That that straight left or right Is he orthodox or southpaw. Because i'm seeing himself point here though. Well it's so. It's always been that left. Of course the very hookers will kids everybody. Okay 'cause i think he hit a hot tea with the left at a body look man. Yeah because sometimes like porter you know he takes angle of potsy left them open and he shot the left you know but he still it could still come from software stands remember. But that's that's a big. It's a big big issue big point and it's a good point which said nobody's really pushed bishops. So i'm nobody i mean not seen sparring. I can't make good judgment on what he's going to react like like. I don't know roberts going bring the pain. Yeah you know which brings me down. you know. this is something else. Maybe you need to read hold on do and then we're out. There's nothing else to do. I know you gotta go shutout dumi trying to stay on three hour shows. Y'all your sam. China keep up with hussein bowl over here shit my man by the go pass out shit. I took it back to looney tunes. Make benito the back to jeopardy. Go ahead i go here. They go hideo hit it hit it hit it. Hit a go go Who is who is. This is going to do right. Here is go back way back back in time. We're going to laureate de vw. Dvd uh-huh esteban footage in the border wall. Is chad is esteban. While you read that. I'll make this bota was footage available this image of footage. Now you send me in. The pre pro. is that what. I'm reading board awards. Championship rules because there will be a lot of vacant titles and a lot of champions okay. What does doesn't stay. Is that any vacant title one. Obviously you get to mandatory. That's per ninety percent of the sanctioning body rules but we have in stated that 'cause we're still trying to decide whether we're going to implement that rule of giving someone to mandatory seems a bit unfair and we don't have fully developed divisions to implement such a rule. That's why it's not there. But every champion should know that technically the rules do stay. If you wanna vacant title you have to mandatory that being said these are the border wars championship rules. The following our list of rules and obligations required by defending champions and incoming challenges for all traditional way. Classes in boorda was league number one in order to be eligible for title shot. You must have at least two wins in the series. Special petitions can be considered for champions recess and or champions entering a new division number. Two a champion must remain active and not miss more than one consecutive event special situations can be granted to the champion in recess. That is and will require petition to a title shot. Now stop there so they can understand what that means. You cannot miss more than one event. So if do me. And i find and he beats me and he is a champion. He's allowed not to combat. This next boorda was meaning both awards. Thirteen he can take thirteen off fourteen. He must show up fourteen. He now must face his mandatory because he's entitled to his voluntary defense on thirteen. He chose not to come. That's cool so fourteen year. Mandatory is waiting great. Great clarinet up next. One is Champion will be granted one voluntary defense. If champion competes in the media border wars following winning championship and or successfully defending over mandatory challenger. Now that's exactly what. I said that if you fight if dumi beats me in twelve and fights thirteen. He's allowed his voluntary at thirteen. Dumi can also call for his mandatory at thirteen because he's a dog and be like. Oh who's next and la la la la la and emma. Let's go chan. i write cleared. That went up and the next one is if champion mrs one border wars. He must then defend against the mandatory challenger. So if i miss the the following one you mr fourteen. It's time to get in the ring. Swing next fighters who win the title. Eliminators must receive mandatory title shots within two events of winning eliminator and less than agreed to quote unquote step. Aside is reached. So you heard him..

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