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I won't bore you with your listeners by going on about the amazing advances in people's lives that the technology delivers google aspires to to continue to be helpful but in that decade. I think we also saw some of the extra analogies that that we did not expect us strongly right and so some of the pivots that we had to make around brand safety or around misinformation or societal issues that then show up also in I think require a more thoughtful and measured approach in susan and sundar speak often about wanting to make sure that we are on the right side of history and that we are doing the right thing for you know not just our users and our partners our customers but for society and so those decisions are difficult and complex and sometimes require a little more up on this and i think if you look at the last five years the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we have gotten in terms of our approach to some of those tough topics we were. I was the first platform to be accredited for brand safety by rc. Earlier this year. It's really important and so does that. Take some of the time that that once was one hundred percent focus on you know shore innovation. of course it does but You know. I think our leadership is balancing really well and i think most google earth that does it feel like we're coming into a really pivotal moment to you in two thousand and twenty two. I mean at google. You obviously have multiple constituent. It's not just one company. It's like a bunch of companies in and you have folks over on google chrome side. They're your colleagues. Google who are doing things that are making it impossible not say in a bad way but impossible for folks in google ads side to operate the way that they have in the past. Google ads is is trying to respond. Your counseling your brands. Your agency partners on how to respond. But i'm curious from your point of view And then i'm sure you have lawyers involved at every level which is another but But you know when you have the such an immense company hundred forty thousand people and global reach a different part of your company making the changes that are affecting the privacy regime for the whole internet. How does that feel to you. Does it feel like next year. Everything will be is uncertain. Does it feel to you. We are coming into a new period without veil the tools we need or do you think that everything that's been provoked proposed both through the privacy. Sandbox and an independent industry initiatives are going to swoop in recreate some of the functionality of personalized ads on the internet. Listen i think people in this industry it live for reinvention right. We've reinvented multiple times as the needs have changed in that part of the fun of being this incredibly fast moving and evolving environment. I think that it's actually very important. That chrome operates separately from as we want to make sure that we are fair And that we don't have an advantage anybody else had does not have and so you know i think that that separation and it was noted in the cma announced out of europe is important to reinforce and one thing. I feel good about it again. That that principle of fairness is common across googling alphabet i think is shared set of principles about things like fairness and doing right for customers and partners and working with the industry at whatever portion of the industry different different parts of our business touch and so to your point about are we still developing tools and solutions that are needed as we need them..

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