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North, and we're joined by our guy Looper. Gandal Aeri is from props Joab, one of the co founders of Chicago guy, and he joins us each and every Friday. And man, We've spent a lot of time loop talking about golf, and how is great action and especially a prop swap. It played out exactly like one lucky golf fan and gambler. Would have hoped last weekend on your site selling adjusted Thomas ticket, right? Yeah. Good comments was 10 to 1 to start the work day, but he bought a ticket in about $100 Take and I'm props up at 10 to 1 odds. On Thursday. 100 bucks collects 1100 Andi, Of course, he was going at the whole weekend. Fast forward to Sunday. His current odds were now minus 2000 was Justin Thomas when he had a three stroke lead with free to go. On that guy paid $100 for that Take it listed at $4000. That was a nuance of minus 1000. Someone was going to pay 1000 bucks. They're going to take a HAZ 1100 on someone got it on the 17th hole. Someone bought it, Andi course. Hey, bogey. And they go into the playoffs hit that unbelievable putt on the first play awful, but then more cholera win on the second hole. So just just an incredible, incredible swing. And you know, the moral of the story is just wants to buy a ticket on props up posted at really high minus money, and he has someone bite. Like you never know If someone out there wanting to make a gamble and especially with golf was just such a volatile sport. He swings can happen and you know a matter of seven minutes ago from minus 2000 to a loser. On in a span of 20 minutes of golf, So it was great the buyer so God still beat the market. You know the buyer paid minus 1000 when the market was minus 2000 on then, of course, the seller got the lock in You know, $1000 of profit, and Justin Thomas didn't sleep for three days and the hard work you're looking for change awe, because more cow if you didn't see it, folks, one of the great comebacks if it isn't if it's a major, I mean the last three homes, plus the overtime, but the one where you get the 24 foot three after You know Thomas hit the 48 was just sensational. What did people do with more hours ticket on Saturday are after Saturday. Yeah. We sold a ton of mortality tickets that we probably sold Maybe a dozen more college tickets all weekend. Um, think the longest odds that someone picked up was probably 20 to 1. Think someone grabbed him at 20 to 1 potentially on Friday. Um, yeah. I mean, the kids. You know what 23 years old and no one thought that he would do anything at this stage in his career, and I mean, he's just coming out Guns, boys. Luke last last time we talked. Certainly I was off last week. So ah, going back even to the Friday before that we still I don't believe that the time had definitive knowledge of which cities the NHL was gonna pick for these hub city's nowthe way The MBA is doing it. They're down in Orlando. I mean, the really is going to be no home court. Now with the NHL cities. I'm wondering, even though there aren't gonna be fans, and we know that that sometimes could sway the way the game goes. But when you look at Toronto in the playoffs, and you look at Edmonton in the playoffs having to play in, but still in the play offs, like Is there any sort of home ice advantage that might exist for those teams and are those tickets? Being posted on the website right now for the Maple Leafs and the Oilers. Yeah, that's a good point. I mean, I think it's always nice to sleep at home. Um, you know, and just have your typical routine and their meals made. You don't have to be sleeping in the hotel pad. Even if you're a hockey player. Yeah, Like they wrote those guys. They might, but it's a different road this year. Sorry. Yeah, You're right. Yeah, but But, you know, to your point. There is no crowd, you know, So you know, perhaps advantage of being able to sleep in your own beds and perhaps this advantage of not having your crowd there the booster morale. Throughout the game. But, yeah, I mean, I hear you on the Oilers, you know, to counter that point. We can't keep the black arts detectives on the cells that were selling in Black arts ticket and 65 to 1 odds. Every hour. It's been incredible. They're just such a public team. Always sides. That's that's far and away our heart attack you take it is the Hawks at 65 Okay in no real change, Even with the Corey Crawford news this week, Luke I mean, it's the people. There's still that that popular that they don't know. They don't know. Right. That's the plan, So I think I think Kroll ply. Don't see Crawford sitting out. Ah, I here I got it. But the doesn't start for another 2.5 weeks ago, a couple exhibition games first. I think I thought, Hell, go vs Oilers, and we're getting close to the start of baseball Me by the next time we talk next Friday. There's going to be a couple of games in the books, and I would imagine that there's still some good MLB action if people get to prop swap dot com and start checking it, checking those futures tickets, right? Yep. Yeah continued to sell the popular teen spell the Astros and the Yankees of time, Um, an article talking about Reese Hoskins, the Phillies first baseman one and L. M v P. That's kind of an interesting one. Suddenly, in a truncated have some someone's going to have a killer 60 games, you know, take cold that award. A few dark horse tickets on NBC have been selling for sure. Nice. Alright, Luke. It's always a pleasure, buddy. Have a great weekend. We'll talk to next Friday. Okay, Kind of like everybody. There is Looper. Gandhi's at Looper Gandhi on Twitter, and he's one of the co founders of props. Well, can I just say that the conversation we had off the air was undertaken before? Yeah, it was. We were talking about basically. I brought up the Colin Montgomerie hasn't changed in 40 years. Yet all he's the same lumpy looking guy with the curly hair and the clothes that are baggy. Then he's always been entertaining is an analyst really is. Your thing Is Mike like he the senior tour. He didn't look great back then. But he called background because you're right. He hasn't changed at all. Info back down. He looked like he was 60. Now he's looking like he's not looks pretty gal in Montgomery. Fabulous. I love it. Probably the best golfer that never won the big one, right? Couldn't we say that? I mean, that was always there. I was always kind of a knock against them, and you're probably still say it to this day. But I'll always think Norman's the underachiever. I always believe no matter what he did with the British Open. I get it with a couple of major. I understand that room. But to me with his talent, and it was a mess. Yes, I mean, you know, I don't know we played. I used to play comfort. They had to change the courts because of the guy who ran the one hole. They had to put a treat on 18. Yeah. Yeah, Exact. That's absolutely right. I mean, Mike's right if people don't know if Kemper Lakes and one of the great courses that I got playing by myself once with the body, I mean, it's great. From what what Mike's talking about his on 18 16 17 and 18. Kemper is one brutal bru dog like left a cupper and exactly what it used to be no tree. What is normal to before? Pharmaceuticals, whom he starts hitting. He starts cutting so much of the lake. He was hit about 300 yards before anybody else. He starts cutting off. So much of the lake. They said. Well, this is ridiculous. You've heard a tiger proofing and in Norman prove it. They put they put like a big island in the filled the lake, and they put big trees on it. Reese up there, Everything's That's exactly right. That's how good Greg Norman was in today, he ruined it for everybody else. Salt because bad tempered Still.

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