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Osprey they needed. So that's yeah it's Nicole then. Tom Green then cliff hug number three. Tom and cliff both got around. Forty percent of people said that that put them in the top. Then we have number four. We have any guesses here. I can tell you that Tommy was not. He did not crack the top five. Tom Me is down at number seven with about twenty one percent of people including Tommy boy comedy and crack it then. I don't think that the Clinton Nicole are are obviously taking the person third spot right so I'm just like I'm trying to get away. Anything about Comey but I think people might have overheard now they might. I think maybe if people enough people watch big brother Canada maybe Adam I mean from the online polls. I saw that Kenny was like number three or four in terms of America's favorite player like there was a big push to get it coming into the top three by people so I do think that Kimmy probably cracks top-five especially with the people responding to your Voltairian. Maybe Dane feel like he gets more votes than day. People Watch it. I think Hemi all right. Well I'll tell you that chemi just missed the top five. She was sixth-place down. Twenty two percent of the just above Tommy and Dane was eighth just below Tommy in twenty with twenty percent percents so it went six seven eight Tommy Dane. Which means you're both wrong? I see hype Tyson. Both in the chat right now getting it was Taymor number four. Okay good well thing see. I had long since thought that you guys were off the train like so I didn't even bother to say or like of course she's in my top five from big brother Canada and the top five. No no Dane. Dane was the top spot at number eight. Canada generally has the lowest amount of viewership so in terms of like raw positive numbers. They're going to have a difficult time. Then close Adam mm was a few spots down. Looks like maybe eleventh place with about nineteen is all very close though after you get past cliff from Taymor all the way down to like Anthony Christie. It's a difference of five to ten percents. They're all they're all up there and you've got Adam Anthony Christie candy. Lots of lots of people there. But WHO's the number five spot. Well I mean that one I I know listed. Yeah is it Jackson. Not Jackson Christie's down down further blow Jackson accent way down with about six percent. It's not cat. Oh my God oh number five. Hi this is like a tarrant. Baya's like come on this. I love you I I love lovie but he was barely on the season. You'd think anything about the guy. I know more about him from twitter than I do from. The show must like his twitter. I again it was. It was very very tight between like from Kmart Christie all of these people very a small margin so taymor and lovie managed to crack that top five from five again just in order from one to five number one one is Nicole number two. Is Tom Green. Number three is cliff. Hog Four is tomorrow and five is lovie okay. I can't believe more people voted for lovie than voted for Kennedy for favorite player. When Kennedy had a major push for America's replaced it was three percent difference there So there you go interesting stuff so last year. It was tyler at the top spot followed by Brett and Caitlin and then J. C. and then Ross Matthews and then a bunch of big brother Canada people but it was a lot more concentrated traded. Obviously Nicole was very concentrated but even like down all the way down to it takes until you get to like sixth or seventh place percentage wise until you get to where Taymor was in fourth place here so it was a lot more top heavy last year. It was a lot more spread out this year. All alright interesting stuff all right so I wanted to know from big brother celebrity to who is who are the three most likely players to come back back and play again and for me. The obvious choice here is none of them. Because we're not having another reason it must be non regarding that theoretically who would have come back. I think is a good question. I can tell you from the audience right away. Tom Green Jonathan. Jonathan Bennett and Taymor were the top three Fridays Huey audience back or the ink would actually except in both has I don't know of any of these people would accept. I think that Jon Benet. What the Hell is he doing right now? I think everybody else I think had a bad experience would not come back. Yeah I mean I think I think yeah I mean would would Tom Comeback America's favorite but he had a bad experience and he had a bad experience. Andy already one America's favorite so. It's like. Well what what good does he need. Like the only way you can go is down really if your loved by America like there's no going up from there so might as well not not put yourself through that. I wouldn't go back him if I had such a body. And here's the thing in the universe where all of these people accept it would be like. Oh my God. I can't wait to go back to big brother celebrity like that would be great like I feel like you have to put mean. Obviously the audience likes Tom Green. I feel like Samar would audience choice. I don't really go along with Jonathan better and I feel like I'd more like I personally would like to see candy play again. It would be fun to watch. Even somebody like Lolo Jones I mean I know she drove me freaking batty but this she was hungry and celebrity big brother. She was hungry to win the game. And you can argue with how you you liked her style or whatever but I will always appreciate that over somebody who just doesn't give a shit about the game so bring her back and let her try to win the money again. Come on yeah. I think it's easier to think of it as like in the world who like that everybody wants would wanna come back and that's not the problem it's just like who would they ask. I definitely think they'd ask Tom Green and I definitely think they'd ask a Tame Mar and I. I would hope they'd ask candy. You're right because you know I'd like to see her. I thought she was really intelligent. And I think that you know I thought she would. I mean she did play well but I think that if he knew the game going in the second time. I think she'd do even better all right next. One was three three most likely big brother Canada players to come back and play again and I gotta say despite the overall negativity for this cast I think there are a lot of options of potential returnees. First and foremost I think Adam Pike. I think he's the most likely and the audience said so as well then I just put Adam Anthony and Dane is the three boys excluding mark of course but the three that made it due to the band for the most part thought maybe Sam because I felt like the audience had a good response to her near the end and so I think she might be someone someone who they would want to give another chance to but my my top three were Adam Anthony Adam Anthony and Chelsea for me. I've always had a thing for Chelsea. I really was just absolutely bumped husband. She went out the way she did and I mean I would really like to see her. Get a second chance because she was. I think embarrassed by the way she went out and I think she would like to right that wrong. If she went back in and she would equally be like she would remind me of Jenna from season one when she went back. It's all stars like somebody who like went out early on their season. I mean I know the merge but still like she didn't get to the end she gives us out for sh- and come back in and all sorts season and really play hard and serious zero and try to win. I feel like that would be else. Yeah I don't know if Chelsea comeback I don I feel like I don't know if she loved the overall overall experience well decision-making want to rewrite it. I think like I mean I think it would be like. I don't think it would be an automatic. Yes I'm coming back. This is so exciting. I think it'd be more. She'd have to think about it and maybe she would like ray her story so you know. I don't know I meal would go ahead. Chelsea was in there. Just below Damian. Who is another person? I think the ask back. I feel audiences obsession Alabamian and I mean we were looking for somewhere to put our fan love in that season and Chelsea was already out by the time that this like Damian thing started happening I really. They feel like people. Just put their hopes and dreams into Damian and it was so cute and so nice lovable and so well spoken and so prophetic. And you're just like all your such a good person Burson but as a player as as good feeds nothing rural as pretty boring ever got it. I just never got it it all right well. That was big seven big weather twenty one who is most likely to come back and play again breath. I hope they do bring him back. I do I said David Christie and Nicole all right Melissa. I have a question. David or Jesse from big brother candidate six classes. It's really hard hard. I have to David because I haven't seen him play so I want him to come back. You know the goal. Oh Wow I mean like look I would like to see Tommy Comeback. We'll even or not because I would like to see what his game looks like. In a year where. He doesn't have Chris Murphy and House. I really feel like that neutered him in terms of what he wanted to do and how he wanted to play you felt wet. It's her he couldn't betray her. An introduced this is such an unforeseen stable element into a game where I really. I feel like Tommy would have liked to play a much more unstable game and would have liked to play claymore. But he wasn't because he was handcuffed Christie entire time. So Tommy I would. I would like to see him. Come back obviously. I would like to see Nicole comeback. The third hurt slot. I mean obviously Queen Kimmy I would. I would love to see her comeback when I think the chances of her being aspect productions are slim to none but maybe they would that she did like I said I. I still think she's strong. Push for America's favorite player. I still think she was like number. Four or five even though they don't release those totals. And who else are you going to pick from this cast. I mean maybe cliff. Maybe maybe Sam Sam had a fun time on big brother. Baby barely missed the jury. Give us a lot of fun. Soundbites good feeds. So maybe Sam I I do. I think there's a clear top three. The audience definitely saw it. That way. Nicole Tommy and Christie were the top three from the audience and I have to agree. I think that that is very likely I think. The audience underrates the chance of Jackson coming back. Only five percent of people said Jackson was likely to come back. I think that number is higher. He's a winner and that alone makes them more likely to come back and also I think he'd say yes as well he would say yes in a heartbeat also production basically Kowtow doing. So why are they. Why wouldn't they WANNA ask him back but I think they obviously have stock in because they cared enough to throw out the have? I'm not rules and then like even just not even do have nots. After the week that he wasn't the have not like do we forget that that have nots. Worth thing like have nots. Had been a thing for twenty one seasons big brother and all of a sudden in big brother. twenty-one Jackson's have not he's basically cheating after two days he's eating whatever he wants is going into the shower. We're all seeing it the.

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