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What does the hillman have to do with running sprints. What does the he'll have to do. We're running routes and catching passes by derek hough but this brother took his old helmet at went home but still expected his paycheck and mike may the raiders nah you want here. Who the hell you think you all to just disappear. Don't show up to work and expect to get paid this. This is what i'm talking about so every time we condone something like that rick and don't catch on a come up to act that way whereas let's get you get you know where this is the reality of the situation. This is what antonio brown. I have not recalled. The only complaint ain't tonio brown had against the oakland raiders was the letter announcing his fine prior to that he didn't have of any issue with the raiders yet. He's been causing him trouble since he arrived so they finally said you owe us money. 'cause you haven't showed up to work and if anybody else ended showed up to work would have had to find them so we can find you and this brother was like nah. It ain't going down like that. Well yes the hell it is. I promise you he lose even more money now. This is the reality so for me. Here's my deal we. We don't want to go as far as saying cut tonio brown. Let's not be stupid. The brothers all world wanna greatest wide receivers in the history of the national. The football league clearly wanted grace in the game today kate he be cancerous to a locker room evidently so we got to address that we can't have up antonio brown acted away that he's been acting but real world talk to greatness greatness comes tolerance those who are great tolerate it a little bit more than those who are not and so we we wanna tolerate antonio brown with the oakland raiders but only to a point to me. The oakland raiders have been handed an absolute blue gift. Here's why before you had to worry about losing him having to pay thirty million dollars and still leaving him to end up on the patriots or somebody else who you know pick them up on a cheap because he's phenomenal dramatic. Tom brady having him to throw the football to me and my god what in this way in this way all you have to do. You got to remember see under that scenario. Antonio antonio brown's still gets his thirty million. He just gets to go elsewhere on the this scenario where you suspend him but you keep him. Oh he's in danger. Having this whole thirty million dollar deal void how about y'all wanna make betty behaves now now if y'all recall oh if you recall antonio brown was heard a few months ago talking talking about he don't need the money is not that important. Y'all see play law. Sometimes you'll see those. There's lots. We tell you i bet you. He ain't saying that today. Lesson learned lesson learn and at eight say e._s._p._n. E._s._p._n. eight eight seven nine three.

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