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BOB DE POINT. He breakpoint cut it. Peaked take policy. Hey everybody laziness gangs podcast. We are coming to you from the quarantine our respective homes. I'm your host big jail Kherson All the way over there in New Jersey. It's David Smith. Hey what's going on? It's a good to see that. Lewis has taken the corona virus more seriously or judging by his outfit. But it's like he's taking more seriously more militant about it now of course over there. It is in up in Harlem In his pad which by the way. We'll say from the video every week. Let's you got a pretty cool place sued yet. The closest J. will ever come to going to your apartment odd couple of those place for granted before today. Yes on the right circumstances my first place. I go when I come out of this bitch. I'm just announce it has to be filled with diseases That of course is the Puerto Rican rattlesnake Louis J Gomez and our guest today Hanging out with the hilarious returning also favorite here at least Gangsta hilarious. Nick Mohan joins us. Everyone how you doing nick. I'm good China there and what you're over there in China which I appreciate you being here already got hurt immunity yet. They won't let you home. I come over here. I don't have to worry about it bats. I'm feeling fine doing field research into how this whole thing got started David. Nick tell me the reason why when this is all over. We can't make it that. If you are going to travel here from China you have to go through some bananas protocol. I'll tell you why the liberal media protocol. We put bananas through box. You you have to ask you up in bunches of five and we'll give you a fucking little man to to yellow to yellow. But I mean you don't even have any something that sort of has to happen. What's I'm sorry? What's the question I was saying about people traveling from all these problems? Every time SARS see they all come from fucking China feeds. Your swine. Flu started here. I thought it was actually Canada. Wasn't no that's ours. That is homegrown. Us maybe he was from Mexico but it was like that was yeah. These are all theories. Nobody actually really really knows. The actual fucking first Weirdo Chinese guy in fucking. Kansas started sources. That's fake news. You would you? Should they should The WHO should like they should be function of like okay. Let's hit the clothes every border button and that should be an option at the WHO. It should never be like well. Let's try to make sure that people don't because it's kind of xenophobic. Be To imply that any borders should be closed. And that's that that is it is. That is absolutely true. That like the politics of fucking not closing the border. It like interjected themselves into this situation where it doesn't really apply yet. No I like what J. was saying it's all the Chinese fault everything The Spanish flu SARS Corona AIDS. Yeah mumble rap. It's all come from China. I think it'd be blurry born if if the WHO. The ban was in charge of all of world decisions when you say that since you saw the World Health Organization. I've been trying to get that one in for about three weeks guys. He goes key Roger. Daltry taking off stance hear but we're doing all the processions pinball wizard so it's pretty fucking cool. I'll tell you what though I'll tell you what the World Health Organization said. We won't be fooled again. Oh this is going to happen again in ten years ten years. Yeah this is going to keep fucking habit this scale you'll be another fucking virus. Yeah for sure but it'll be it has to be nipped in the bud somewhat quicker than this ten years ago. It was traveling virus by OPIE and Anthony Again I mean I remember not even thinking twice about any move. I made during SARS Ebola. I was just like all right. Because they didn't have the media. And the social media in your phone the way. It is as much as you're not anywhere. Jj fucking bullet was nothing when SARS which was actually a big Joe H and one was a big deal. You had a fucking science breath loan with read one article. Today get ready. You had a psychic flip phone okay. It would have taken you eight four minutes download an article and it just wasn't going to happen so you lived in a different fucking lifestyle. It's as simple as that dude. You know what people are. GonNa fucking die of cancer this year. Cancer every fine whole bunch. J. J. 'cause Lewis knows this number. He looked it up earlier today. Going on I ninety nine percent of something for sure was ninety nine percent one percent of error because remember there is a doctor came back and then he's like. Oh Yeah I threw up all over the train and then I went bowling off of that guy he bowling. You remember that there was that week. That guy came came back from Africa. He's like I'm going to go help me with the ball in any audit. And then he came back and he like literally throwing up and riding the train and went to the Gutter and William Moonlight Bowling. Ball's galaxy bowling nine steals music. This would you be dragged the cosmic? Bowling is movement ban. Boeing normal. This sucks. I also realize that we call it different things in different areas gate night or like Michigan we called it. My bowling ours was galaxy in Nick. Would you call it is MC bowling is would? I thought it was everywhere I didn't. You're right that's what it was in mind to see. Where were you from originally Marilyn? That doesn't make the that makes a lot of sense because I was Philly and that's very similar cultures. I mean even you go because I moved to Texas. You didn't say like cosmic bowling people know what you're talking about because it was always like. Yeah it was like there was like David Project like the planets and stars everywhere and it'll be all neon at mind blowing the the pan if it's alright basically shut off all the lights. Everything is Black Lights servings blowing right and then if the front pin was a neon one that glow in the dark. Yeah you gotTA strike on that specific time. Y'All got special prize or cash or French fries. Fuck ever you know. It was great was that. I'm pretty sure French fries. We will sort of In hindsight I believe all my friends were going this thing. 'cause it was like we there'd be other Girls Look. I'm and everybody running off like hanging. I'd be the guy sitting at the thing going. Scott it's your turn. I'm working on a Turkey over here. It's your turn number being a cosmic bowling. Go for me do just someone role from Utah where we talk shit about all right. I'll do address address. I went to cosmic bowling. Wants as a kid knows next like an African family your clothing the dark yeah. It's all just black lights. So they're just they're gone. It's just like floating purple teeth teeth. Love going on that. I am invisible. Manson ethnic almost get hit with pink ball over and over. This is a racist place. I've been I feel ignored completely. T-shirts Rona Sick. Ass Ball. What the plot of the African invisible man movie for the record. I always through a hook but it was a two fingered hook and they put the thumb and I can't fuck in for Shit okay. Here's what I can do. I can roll it from the side of the lane on a fast to where it picks up enough speed is just going straight in hit an angle and maybe sometimes goes down the center and will maybe if I get really lucky. Hit some of the pens. I can't turn it where my hands supposed to fucking do this flop ever. That flop thing is right. The only reason the only thing you should try to do bowling do the hook because it looks cool. Yeah look the score. Well that's what I I two finger thing and whatnot. So as all bowls of going power I just aim like right beside the head. Pin Straight down the GUT or I go to fingers with a lighter ball ending on the other lane next to my left. Yeah I throw almost from that gutter. All the way across with bananas like nuts and getting into one leg. I don't think it would just be hooked. It would go like it would almost mainly a complete ninety degree angle in the middle. I Never WanNa see what I look like bowling because I know it does not look the way it's supposed to look. I don't think those fucking fat awesome dude impose things I never wanna see myself do is fuck and then bowl top things. The mental image. I have is so far off from the reality. I'm sure I don't know if my golf swing looks that cool either. Your Golf Swing Sucks Dick. I'm sure we played Top Golf together. Yeah now. I'm sure it's bad. It's bad My bowling is no better. My there's no form there's no nothing I slip and slide up and down the The thing I don't like I can't walk correct them. He's never fit me properly. 'cause MY PROMISE. I don't actually have size thirteen feet. My feet are probably twelve in length but I have such fat flat. Fucking duck feet. They when they here's a fat. My feet are like my feet if my if they're raised like if my up right. My foot is thinner but if I put my foot down on the ground the fat will spread out and we'll become like a a a flat. It's pretty much every foot..

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