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The super bowl wants to their life for me you get penalized the player not the team i well all if it happened we went partnered with drugs penalized him whether it's whether you're caught him after the game puts the p most guys only get one wide penalized for a whole team penalized that individual guy don't pick it out of kuwait to sitting down stanley wilson sitting down malcolm butler you'll penalize them a whole team for something one guys be penalized him at all gets make them on one laps barring them do what have you got a bill but don't penalized the whole team because one guy who else and by sitting bought you'll penalizing even tom brady to something heating do now i'm not so sure butler is the drug thing i'm just going by what the rumors and everybody's intimating those but one thing about stanley wilson the have to remember is that stanley wilson had been suspended numerous times stanley wilson had gotten the support of the organization and our head coach me personally i don't know over and over and over and over and over again and anybody who has ever dealt with anybody who is an attic like stanley wilson was you know how difficult it is the really trust them into believing them you try to give them every ounce of support and everything that you can possibly give them to help them out get away from the drugs that have basically ruined their life and the night before the super bowl stanley wilson couldn't help himself he just could not help himself now i don't know the exact condition that sam found him in in his hotel room the night before before we had our final bomb before super bowl meeting all i know is.

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