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The middle cuts to the outside. Take want Barkley across the field to the sideline stated bounds and parsley takes it all the way touchdown. The question is, if you drafted Jaquan Barkley in the first or second round of your fantasy draft. Should you start him today at home at MetLife Stadium against the Broncos, as the Giants are, in my opinion, a woeful looking offense without Sequana Barkley? I think if you drafted sake when Barkley and either the first or second round or you spend big money on him and your salary cap format There is really no reason not to use him today, he probably will be limited in touches in regards to what he will be seeing throughout the course of the season. But even if you only sees, let's call it 12 to 14 touches. He's such a dynamic player. He's been clear to get out there. I think the Giants are going to need to rely on him. So in all likelihood, unless you're playing in a very shallow league It's hard to envision putting him are keeping him on your bench right now. Again. It may not be exactly what fantasy players want to hear. Because if you drafted him early, certainly you want him to be that Bell cow back that you anticipated in being But the truth is that I'm not going to go out and advise you not to play him. None of us know exactly what he's going to get carries wise, right? It's not really in the Giants benefit to tell us the fantasy players what they're going to do. They're trying to beat the Broncos today. They don't want to tell the Broncos. Hey, even though we've been limiting his contact in practice Oh, don't worry. He's going to be full go. It's certainly possible Despite all The caster nation about whether or not he will get a full workload. He may still see 18 to 20 touches and it just again. It's not in the Giants. Best interest will tell us that situation. So I would say if you have say Kwan Barkley, I would certainly go ahead. And use him today. Unless you're looking at some really stellar options on your bench it running back because otherwise You're just in all in all likelihood, if he does get 10 to 12 touches gives you 70 80 yards and a score. You're just going to lament the fact that you left him on your bench for the opening week of the season and again Unless you're looking at some very enticing options. I cannot go ahead and endorse putting him on your bench and week one. Alright. Seconds on the agenda today, the Ravens backfield. Boy Tyson Williams. Come on down, but be very careful in the process right? Baltimore's backfield has been cursed early so far, suffering three season ending injuries to J. K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards and Justice Hill. Williams is the early favorite to lead the team and touches but the Ravens subsequent free agent Fleury, if you will, the activity of activity of signing between Levian Bell, Devante Freeman and Latavius Murray. That cannot make Tyson Williams fantasy owners out there. Breathe easy. If you're asking me to figure out what's what here. I don't think anybody can actually tell you with any degree of certainty who's going to be the lead back when this season actually gets rolling? I would say Tyson Williams today, though, is a solid RV to flex spot. However, going forward once Levian Bell and Latavius Murray in particular get up to speed with the playbook. I would not be surprised if either of those two do see more carries as the season progresses, and Murray certainly seems to be the guy who would be the likely goal line. Back when he's in there kind of the role that Gus Edwards some majority of last year, But let's be honest truth be told. The Ravens are going to be reliant on Lamar Jackson. For the most part, certainly down near the goal line. Lamar Jackson the possibility to steal some of those goldmine touchdowns and his rushing ability is going to really Be what carries this Ravens offense if they're going to be productive team, so I would say if you're wondering, are speculating on Bell or Murray like, Let's I said his name Devonta Freeman, throw him to the side. He's not worth an ad right now. I have to see a lot from him before I would go ahead and add him to my fantasy team Levian Bell, though again, he kind of looked cooked. The last few years now, and I don't see why his running style in particular would necessarily complement Lamar Jackson. So I'm not really buy into the Levian Bell hype, either. Tyson Williams seems to be the guy who has the young legs. Who is the good bet, too. If anybody is going to be a very good Fantasy player. I would probably put my money on Tyson Williams. But Latavius Murray of the others is the other guy who intrigues me a little bit because he was the last running back of the three free agents who has been effective. So I would say, you know if I'm ordering that's Tyson Williams, Latavius Murray and then a dark throw on Levian Bell. Next up 1st and 10 40. Niners backfield Raheem Mostert. When he's healthy, he can be a fantasy monster out there, but The 49 ers drafted Trey sermon out of the Ohio State University in the third round for a reason. So I'm curious to see how this one unfolds because the 49 ers offense what Kyle Shanahan does as a play caller is absolutely brilliant, and so if either or both running backs Sees a large portion of carries, which I think is certainly possible for both. They're going to be guys who are going to be locked into most fantasy lineups. So I think there's a possibility where both moisture and sermon are productive fantasy players so something to keep an eye on and something I'll be watching for today. Number four Austin Ekeler is ascension into the fantasy elites at the running back position. Is predicated on him being on the field and the treasures haven't played a game yet, and he's already missed multiple days of practice this week. Now the hope is that he'll be out there and ready to go. But I will say It's doesn't bode well. If you made the bet on a clear in the first round this season already that he's dealing with injuries. It's never been about the ability for Ekeler. It's more about can he Deal with the pounding that a true fantasy workhorse back needs to give you and because of his side size. I think it's fair to question whether or not he can be somebody who Lives up to that. I would say you know what? If if Austin Ekeler has a big first week. He's somebody you may want to go ahead and throw out there and consider potentially Just just dangling out there in front of other running, but owners and seeing what is available if he has a big week this week, because I'm telling you, I'm concerned about his ability to hold up over the long haul of the season as a featured back Number five in Indianapolis. Carson Wentz has had a tumultuous offseason, but Frank Reich said on Friday he is not expected to be limited in any way now, once his fantasy impact may not be the biggest factor for him in particular. But his success I think is critical to productive seasons for Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman, and I'll even toss in him. Heinz, who just signed a big extension with the Colts, I believe was yesterday if not Friday. Um, making him with a top 10 highest paid running backs in fantasy football, So I'll tell you My read on that is that no, he minds if you were able to snag him and PPR format, I think that just goes to show you. The Colts think he is going to be a productive player. They didn't Go and sign him, too, and make him one of the top 10 high speed running backs in the league Now certainly we can quibble on a different show about Running backs getting paid these days, but now him, Heinz is somebody who is in the plans for Frank Reich and the Colts offense, So.

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