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I feel like i was telling my mother the other day flies. I punk towels. Because obviously i'm no longer there and i feel like i should. I should have stayed. I shove have been dashed. Densify did it for like ten years. It's okay for you to escape adult. Why should i give up to the uk. Have a possible says failure. So yes no distressful things but i think with all of that said whether life is hope so i have a live. I have hope I've got myself record player. Like from nine hundred sixty seven your original ninety six seven guard record player. I was gonna say this issue which plays the records of beautifully now would come on with hip style millennia. I think there was. I don't just go sound sogeti. it's not it's like you know dresses and the countries. I have your bracket player. You know conscious. i. I live in the suburbs. This is we think about. Yeah but think about. It doesn't sound like it's something pointy. He had the call. I think makes this team a bit pointing. But it's not just they just they don't know what the shoulder neither do anyway. Some leaving my my new would heap stubby. Legno be lifestyle with my original record player. And i'm looking at you for me right now actually next today because like should just play some music this morning we had you for you your call. Okay so yeah i'm living my life what's what's done. I know i know but it's it feels like i'm getting point in my life. I'm learning to appreciate. I'm hoping to learn that. No i am learning to appreciate the it's a. It's a journey. But i'm learning to appreciate the fact that my life is not bad. That is a good thing on also by life is not the best in the world and that is a good thing. It's just my life. And i'm good with it that's to jenny. That's looking at me going on. Bourbon obama gun my inner workings of my mind. What's going to you. How you doing beats probe to be problematic. Who does that makes me drugs or the judge zimmerman. I could be potential targets Yeah i think it's because we didn't do it is so those we don't think of. I'm maybe i'm doing what you wanted. The city's put the who don ahead together usually like no one together. I'll say that we don't usually properties. But i do a lot. I do along. yeah so now. We're not getting the truth now for this. I'm wayne black hoodie. And for that. Wendy has said i look basically like are there are some black teenager. Shot at the talk shows like interesting. It's been raining and yes you said that way. My my wherever who did wearing my What do you call this guy. Re fluffy dressing i. It does have a hoot. I really use. I see when i i usually wear my don it. That's because i'm always cold. Just run cold. Some always ran stuff that mississippi my junior wise anyway How was my last couple weeks. It was good Obviously same as you said From the pandemic we've had some additional restrictions in the uk will restricts has come in again Also with the end solves thing..

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