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Yeah there was like a moment where they it seemed like they despise each other last year right. I think it was also running. Pj championship comments. And now so. I was thinking about this. And i know we've been talking a lot about the entire. You know Brooks thing that was you know what we're what we're supposed to do But i think it would be genius. Unim- novas genius could be idiotic. I think they should just pair bryce in a brooks together first day first round and the reasons why are if they win it solves a million things. They'll be clips forever of them high fiving of them smiling. It'll get rid of the brooks. He stopped because the two of them literally played together and one and it squashes the entire thing. If they lose it puts the ryder cup at the front of every news story. Sports sports wise over the entire weekend and puts. Everyone's attention on the ryder cup. Because you will have drama. You'll have the quotes from afterwards. You have moments where like brooks is rolling his eyes at bryson and you'll have complete chaos. I think it's a. I think you almost have to do it because if you just avoid it then you're just adding to the giant elephant in the room that like we have two guys that fucking eight each other. The can't play together. I think if you just lean right into it there are more awesome outcomes than there are if you do anything else. Right steve. Stricker has to decide what headlines does he want because he's gonna get them no matter what like you're saying matter. Wat- don't pay them together headline paired together headline but the benefit of them being paired together and winning changes the whole landscape of the of the rest of the ryder cup. I think you're right about that. Y'all most win the ryder cup. If they go out there and they'd play together and they win their match. Like you just win the ryder cup. I think your whole team is just like holy fuck brooks bryson came together and one for the united states of america like it's everybody's positive is rooting for bryce. And everybody's like we love you. Bryce and he's probably happy to get this huge weight off his shoulders. I think you just pair them together. First round like i said you do run the risk of it being a complete catastrophe. But guess what then you your ratings are going to be through the roof. Pj of america's going to be excited because everybody's tickets are not going to be a problem. But i mean everyone's going to tune into what the fuck is going on in wisconsin up there like brooks and bryson the only thing that me some average football fan who the only thing i know about golf that brooks kept could bryce into shambo hate each other because i heard it on. Pardon my take. And then i tune in occasionally to see ridiculous clips on twitter. Those motherfuckers played together and they got killed and they're like chirping each other in the media now and all the other players are being asked about it like a chemistry already sucks throughout the whole team. I think you just do. Yeah ryder cup for sure. I was very against them doing it at the us open because it was. There's no team aspect there. There would have been very awkward. Yeah you would have tried to squash a beef with for no reason but ryder cup. I could not be more on your side. I think it's absolutely the go-to option. If he's not gonna show up here at liberty for the dave brooks match. He has to be paired up with brooks day one.

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