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From field. On the sports network. Football is on the air kickoff. He's just moments away. This is Rhode Island glands football now with a coal of the game here, Steve McDonald and Terry Lynch. Welcome back once again to Harvard stadium. Stephen Donald Terry, literally to go Harvard, and you are I we're doing here. What has become a rivalry the double home at home four-game packets between these two schools say at second trip? Harvard for the university of our first time or Al wasn't a good trip for you arrive at they have approved greatly since then fact, they beat Harvard last year at Rhode Island seventeen to ten coming up trying to make it two in a row against the crimson here on a Friday night game onto the lights at the stadium. The Harvard stadium Terry. The modern amenities. But boy shirt does have a whole lot of history. Whole lot of culture has a ton of history here. But like you said, it's a tough place to get to and tough place to get up to and the pretty orange barring look across sure, you know, we can see the citgo sign for for the Red Sox Fenway park and just look around the whole stadium here. Now, it looks like one of the old Italy stadiums at the that we're out this. And it's just it's you you're right. Harvard Yale talk about the game a lot of history here without question. The university of Rhode Island Rams coming from there. Locker room coming out on the field for the final time. Getting ready for the start of this one and for for Harvard. They've been out for a little while getting warmed up. You're going to see Jake Smith the quarterback who is throwing the ball fairly. Well, so far thirty six of fifty one four hundred and forty six yards and a couple of games so far couple touchdowns and a couple of interceptions. It's got a couple of running. Back. So that they they like to get going champlin, and endearing we're gonna see a lot of those. Yeah. And sampling leading guy. Quick fast. You got a little bit of power tomb. So they really like what he can do. That's going to be a big test for ROY. Can they stop him and force ball to be thrown at Ford island? They've got a couple of running back centre off to a good start as well. So Bryant for one thirty six carries for one hundred seventy two yards about five yards per carry. So far wants in the end zone. The name Jones coming on the scene last week. Oh, actually two weeks ago that a buy week last week name had eleven carries ninety five yards averaging nine yards per carry and a touchdown. So now, it's a two headed attack there, and then some depth after that with Justice Antrim and prints pseudo Johnson they've got some guys to really go to the deep position right now position. In a nice thing about the difference between Jones, and Brian is Jones gives you a little bit more shake, the, you know, the thumper so to speak and Jones can come out there and and get to that end. And and and and make the move in the open field to give you a little bit a little bit of wiggle with that with the with the speed that he has. So it'll be a good good tandem for this Rhode Island team if they can get those both those guys running north and south just get away from Pete Rascasse who's the defensive coordinator for the university of Rhode he's down there with will Fleming in the coach's box Willie offensive coordinator. And you know. For pizza. This is this is a big game because Alan did do well defensively the first couple of games, but uconn in you know, you would expect to to have trouble against a bigger stronger faster team, the one level, but the let them put some board tell the board Rhode Island Masterman those for the most part, but the defense will be the key factor. And you're right. You look what they what they did it at Delaware. They played very well. Oh, yeah. And then you look what they did for three quarters against Albany. They shut already they turn that football over in that first quarter from that point on they just shut them down. And then they kind kinda cold off the the wolf so to speak in that fourth quarter. Let all but he put some points on the board. But you're right. You can't came out kind of exploited them a little bit. But you would expect that out of a one eighteen so I'm looking for a bounceback effort for this defensive team for Rhode Island and they've done a good job of turning the football over and that's got to continue tonight, but Alan's going to receive the ball I so back to return. The opening kick will be Dorsey. And Evans Dorsey on the right hash Evans on the left Dorsey has to kick return. So far this year the thirty four yards per return and Evans says five return so far this year averaging eighteen yards per return and a high of twenty two for him door. She's high as thirty five so Dorsey has been a great addition to this team and not only in special teams. But also from scrimmage and really has made an impact here in junior year his first year with Rhode Island. The opening kick sent down its way by jacomb McIntyre comes down to Dorsey at the five brings it up to ten on the outside of the right? Route twenty five thirty thirty five forty cuts at midfield at the fifty and down inside Harvard territory the forty six yard line. I love the balls in his hand. Steve, you know, you look at it and say perfect, they kicked it right to the right guy. Nice job of blocking up front by that kick return team. He hit it up that right sideline source seem thought he might be. Able to challenge that kicker and get to that sideline. But he stopped and tried to cut back and rest at Harvard team was there, but you've got great field position to start this one at the forty six yard line. First and ten th. Yeah, not a bad way to get things going. Indeed, though Rhody off to an excellent start. It's going to be first and ten from their first we see of the Rudy offense. And it's gonna be a run play for two on loss and the quarterback. He's going to bring it to the left side across the forty five yard line down to the forty three as we are underway at Harvard stadium university Rhode Island at two and one a week last week in Harvard a win against Brown last Friday evening, they are Tuito on the season with a win against San Diego as well. That game was right here at Harvard stadium to to the right one off to the left. It's culture to the left side Ford. Alan Parker on the slot to the opposite side pass goes out to Bovay on the outside on the right? He makes the catch at the forty yard line. It goes down to the thirty nine. So it's going to be a couple of yards maybe three yards shy of that first down marker Ford island third and short for URI. They've been pretty good. So far this year on third down conversions keeping a right around fifty or just a little bit below. And we're now it's got a big one coming up here. After that big returns you love to put some points on the board. Exactly. Get great field position. You want to be able to get some points out of this. It's a big third down. You know, three conversion right here. So Lawson picking up three yards and then that pass to Beauvais for about five back to pass Lawson on the quarterback draw. He's gonna try to run for the first down. It looks like he has it at the thirty six yard line. Looks downfield. Didn't like what he saw tuck that underneath and wet Ford and picked up the three yards that they need. Needed to move the change. It'll be first in ten foot island from the thirty-six. Yeah. It looks like they broke Kerry Danny in motion, and they were going gonna try to flip it to him in the in the left flat. Didn't like what he saw came back and looked inside. Didn't like it there tucked under and got the first down. Good to see Gary Denney involved in the offense for Rhode Island wide receiver spots. Eases talented is anybody they have and he's been sidelined this year. So he is an addition to an otherwise very talented group. Here's the hand off into the backfield in name Jones on the Kerry not gonna get much out of this one is years down. Maybe for a loss of a yard at the thirty seven yard line. Ran it off tackle to the left side. Just no holes here for well. You've got to watch that. Because that's what's at play accent off that weak side because that was at free safety coming down and sticking his nose up inside there at that line of scrimmage, so for those offensive coaches to put that in the back of their mind and maybe throw some play action off of that later on too. I to either side for Rhode Island. Denny in the slot to less is now in motion. Handoffs gonna go to the running back up to the thirty five yard line pushing it across the thirty five to a gain of a couple that time for Jones Jones and Bryant gonna alternate at that position for Donald for the most part we may see a little bit of a Antrim here because he goes Jones to the sideline and Bryant coming in. Now, Ford island is they got third and eight coming up from the thirty four. He's a little better pass blocker from that running back position or the more stout. So figuring out a passing play hero. Give more protection for Lawson. So they've got some two unique personalities to work with air to wise to either side back to passes loss and looking onto trouble and nose down at the forty four yard line a sack for Harvard on the first series for Rhode Island and the pressure too much for loss in that time. And he had to go down is looking down field. Couldn't find anybody and Peter graves got to him and sent him to the to the turf just as he was just as you got hit Parker sprung open about fifteen yards down the field. But he didn't have a chance to get it to him because his face. Unfortunately, you turn a football over here on on downs on this. Punt punt this ball and keep them deep Annetta in their own territory. Anthony garra out to do the honors for Rhode Island. Get to unlocking. Hi, good. Punt that comes down to the eleven yard line of fear catch called for from there. So the Harvard crimson will have some tough field position early on in this one at the eleven yard line. Jabbai Garo who doesn't have a booming foot. But that time with finance was able to get that ball inside the fifteen out of the eleven good directional and good, you know, pooch punt right there. And that's that's exactly what you wanted. Get them down there in the inside the fifteen yard line starting backed up at their own goal line and come after them now with some defense, right? That sack of eight yards. Put Rhode Island out of the picture is.

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