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As medical racism. When were harassed and bullied by your own government. Our employers are private businesses for the medical decisions that we make our personal freedoms are violated, and we no longer have bodily autonomy. What do we have left? That is one of the people testifying today in favor of Ohio House Bill 2 48, which would prevent employers and schools from requiring any vaccines. The Statehouse Health Committee came back from summer recess early for the hearing today. House Bill 2 48 is a misguided proposal. That would have devastating effects on the health of our state. While touted as an effort to prevent the covid vaccine from being mandated by the government or other entities. This legislation currently makes no specific reference to the coronavirus and includes all immunizations. Sarah Kincaid is vice president of the Children's Hospital Association. Today's hearing comes as Ohio hits more than 4100 new infections of covid in the state. As of today, both new hospitalizations and new ICU admissions running nearly three times their three week averages. Ohio State University just announced it is now going to require all students and staff to get the covid vaccine with the first dose required by October. 15th. Just yesterday Fighter got the full FDA approval for its covid vaccine. Now the latest traffic and weather together from the UC health Traffic Center. You see health transplant moves patients off the transplant waiting list 50% faster than the national average. This is science and science lives. Hope they've cleared the accident on westbound to 75 ramp to South 75 Erlanger. North 75 stop and go from Mitchell to paddock, then between Shepherd Lane in 2 75. Nor 71 slow Smith Edwards to Stewart, then from Kim would road to the Ronald Reagan Stop and go Traffic east to 75 between Marsteller in Loveland Madera Road delays at the Brent Spence bridge right around six minutes both directions. I'm Rob Williams news radio 700 WLW, now the latest forecast from the Advanced Industry Weather Center. Are you afraid of the dentist at advanced industry? We get it to learn more about how I V sedation can change your life visit. No fear. Dentist dot com continues For tonight We'll see a low of 72 for your Wednesday look for a high of 93 muggy but feeling like we're into the upper nineties. Then for your Wednesday night, dropping down to only 73 more nineties as we lead into the rest of.

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