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For the first time stance. There you go all that happened today on country music history. Amy's got a new podcast today on the four things with amy brown. Do you have somebody. Is alan jackson's daughter. Yeah her name. Is matt jackson selectmen. And we did all four things together and she just has her. She's a grief story having been that. She lost her husband at such a young age. They weren't even married a year and he died tragically so she shares kind of house. She's found peace in that circumstance. And i think it could be comforting to a lot of people. She's a writer. She's coming out with a book. She has a lot of philanthropy work. I'm like well for someone that grow up with like a superstar. Dad you know like you never know that at all will check it out. Four things with amy brown. Did you get to that in person or on zoom. She came over to my house School yeah she's very cold some saying like you would never know. She grew up her when she was growing up. Her dad is like one of the best things in country music. So she's very grounded and kind and sweet and smart awesome. When you people will come to your house. They come to the front door in the living room. That's what used to have in my house to all right. Come on and they have. I mean i've seen on the couch where we have some brownies. I dunno now. We don't do it in the house. How we do it like in a guest could guess part of the on the property that to me is more comfortable. Yeah why. I feel like i have to clean up. Always had to clean up the house for sure. That's that's and that's my point here. I hate cleaning up. Because thomas rhett was coming over but then i thought he'd go back to larne be like don't ugly my sears or close to the door so we can kind of just like asher like and go right out of snacks ready for them and stuff like oh. I'm glad you asked to thank you for asking nothing your wallet water refrigerator. And so sometimes remember. Sometimes we don't get water anything in the greatest experience. You didn't get out. Yeah sometimes because michael go get them. And i'll be ready with all my notes and stuff. I also hate the small talk before the interview. It's the worst thing to me. Because i want that on the air because like what's up. What would up to. What's happening today house. I i like that because sometimes they they are me. I ask or they say something. I'll be like oh it's great to say on the show on the podcast but then if you say it off it doesn't come across as good as the first time phil's lawyer authentic if you're like so tell me so then what i have to say is hey we were talking about earlier. Hey just kind of say for people. What you said said so weird. My perfect goal is have even on this show. I'd love to have the mics on and they just come in while everything's on and they sit down and away you go. I hate having to do what's happening. How are they getting the audio ready. We'll get checking your mike o. Hated hated men as hate it amy. You're the same way there's no. I don't hate it. I try to keep the. I've learned that from bobby over the years. I wanted to come out on the air for the first timer when we're recording so i try to keep the small talk to a minimum but obviously i don't bobby difference Socially loves to talk at no interest in it right so not not with mike with anybody. Yeah just a quiet guy. At when i'm not doing this. I want wanna put on caroline hobby for a second. We're eight carolina. how are you hall. How's it going. What are you doing right now. I mean i really don't know how to tell you what's going on. Well i mean kind of i that then walking clinic because they have salmonella sick well would you eat. I don't know why. But why do you think it's a weird diagnosis immediately. Well okay. Because my god i mean this is not necessarily the conversation i was trying to have the oughta go ahead Michael when he goes on the road is really sensitive stomach and he has had about seven ella. And like i mean. Is this what we're gonna talk about issues. We didn't i've i ibn it sucks. I deal with every day but the runs for like five days. It's not healthy. You gotta go get out you know. I deal with that in the medicine. I take for my stomach issues. I've had for years. I finally got a check out. Yeah it's carolina nor calling her day sign. This is a surprise call. I'm excited to talk to you. Guys i just wanted to talk to him for second about a couple of things one about once a week in and i look at all the data from the podcast there on the podcast network. That i have carolyn. Podcast kills it. It's doing so good. What what are you surprised you. I was interviewed about that. Like how is it doing so well. And i don't mean this guy in any way other than i'm just going to say i don't know maybe your consistency. You're obviously fun to listen to. I mean i don't know in any of the other reasons that would be so obvious because it might. You can go ahead great at promoting it like. I'm not even like really like i'm so bad there's media all my special media is so like random just thrown together. I'm like it's not curated and it's not like super like put together and i'm like how is it like all of a sudden doing so i don't wanna jeeps it 'cause like now then it might go back down mike over the mike for microphone for second mike and i have also had conversations and you know i think you're fantastic as a talent but i went to mike and i was like. Hey why's caroline's killing it. Is this some sort of a. Is it like a promo somewhere. They're getting weird promotion but it's been killing it for like four months now. She does a great podcast. She's consistent and she has great guests. And i think she's awesome like a lot of how much how much work put into it and it's been around for awhile now so it's just been growing well carolina hobby you guys. Check out get real. Hey yeah and i mean we might even talk about and someone else. Sorry i don't mean to say that usually get real with caroline. Hobby is a fantastic podcast. What is on the last episode. You did. I eat in. And i'm assessing breath. Eat and because she's so beautiful and so talented. She has so much heart and soul and she was living a lie for like four years trying to pose as a straight woman in country music when really. She was madly crazy in love with a woman. hillary who i also love and so she just came out into her full truth as a gay woman and country music and put out new music. And it's so good. She's like sexier than ever and she's more confident than ever. She's madly in love and she's like proud about it being like this open about it and i feel like she's like hitting her stride and blowing up and being so over because she's being honest and authentic and it's just different firing 'cause she was like literally on the brink of death. She had so many stomach ulcers she was withering away. She was just killing herself by living. This lie and so coming out was a huge deal and it's been awesome and her story is amazing. Her michael ray used to date back in the day. I think good michael right. He's had some great gal. I mean he's gotten a lot of potty fatalities in the music industry. Yeah yeah yeah..

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