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No, he's not a loser junior. Some issues. I was. A friend of trump too is you really? Yes that's why that's why trump has that kind of vein of you know vaccines might cause autism is he married to a was married to Cheryl? Hines. Yeah Yeah he's still is married to her. Okay. Yeah. There it is. A licensed Master Falconer. Jesus. Through. Q. chargers always when his wife was, she brought killing herself as well was controversy. So here it is. Bobby drugs. Life. Happens. Yeah. Oh He's got the he's got the spasm this. Voice USB chef. De. that NPR serene right yeah yeah. He seems like a Douche. Boy GonNa do Wasn't going to say something else I was GonNa say Shit do you speak to Josh? Again I did not want. We'll talk about that a second won't buildings I Milton's the store for men is back in back. On the Kirk Minihane show this show listening to right now this podcast brought to you by Barstool sports. and heard I think all over the World Mike doesn't believe that but true all over the world. So I might only running for Senator Massachusetts. At least your basis. That makes sense. mill I mean, are you going to get? You should get your stuff ready for this debate absolutely in the election by months close Jones. Now. I would. Let's head. Goes there. I. Well, we'll get. We'll take it to mills endorsement. I think millions would dress both they don't know they hate nobody sides politically I don't. The thing is also, if you guys are accepting financial contributions, you're GONNA have to file if you see reports as much legal requirements. that. Talking to Dr Yeah just I don't want you to be arrested. Neophyte right. Exactly. Yes but I mean again with millions gives Ted, the endorsement though that would be trouble that wouldn't be good. I mean doc Dr Sheffield's is also there their true? Kept with the good knows a little like little kitty suits. Sure. It'd be those. Yes. Very cute. Don't think he's got the cute factor. That's that's hard to be a WHO's GonNa be the first one who's going to be the first one to visit. Smith's get a picture with an S.. Home Middle America farm country. That's my homeland western Matt Yeah Wonder Ted. Even like you know you're running as you even Ted even go out to us your masters you can see. It's a tough call. He's hiding in his could do that. He could do the front porch campaign. That's true. I mean who? What? President United States history had the longest was in office longest FDR. Yeah. See I'm saying to you get it right Mike fireside chat from Ted. then. You give them too many good ideas. Spell been speaking. Six Hours I. Hope He. Wants trying this trying to tell them. Sides Yeah Right of course. Yeah. It's a long since one way to tell. We did funnel five, hundred thousand dollars into a dark money group that will be doing issue advocacy in the race. So that's the candidates. You want the grassroots movement. Well, you're. Milton's Guy Millner altis most popular.

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