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You mentioned palme. Was he an influence on you. Brian depalma to me was one of the most important actors in my childhood. And i remember watching scarface in the theater. And it blew my mind even the scarface now really feels like an oliver stone film. As well with that incredible screenplay he wrote and most people don't realize that oliver stone wrote scarface but it's the combination of the two and pacino's performance that make it so iconic but i love dapa very influenced by italian jello films. That's why he's using. Pino nausea in kerry to palm taking music from the italian horror movies of the early seventies. And he's putting it into american movie. George lucas is using john. Williams other directors that are doing are using american composers but depalma's using pino dodgy a- denies gio had done a lot of work in italy and spaghetti westerns jealous but he's a very specific composer. It feels like a mix of bernard hermann from psycho and the more coney scores from the agenda jealous. So you have these influences coming in. It's like diploma comes. And he's taking polanski. Hitchcock bernard. Hermann are gento italian cinema. And he's putting it all into american movies and people hadn't seen anything like it dressed to kill. I remember seeing that the split-screen scene where he's watching donahue and getting dressed and michael caine and angie dickinson. I remember as a kid watching that movie and it it does have this dreamlike quality where she meets this man in there having sex and then she finds this file this little bottle with the pills. And you're like oh gosh like what it's just you know. Nothing good is going to happen. And the the shower scenes i mean. He's got this incredible. Mix of alfred. Hitchcock and dr gento but his use of long takes really the scene. I remember the most television. Where donahue is interviewing someone and michael caine is watching it and watching it and just just the the lighting the weights photographed and a as a kid split screens. Drive me crazy when we're supposed to watch supposed to watch but you just sort of give over to it and you're just watching. This thing happened absorbs in your brain. It's really it's got a very very interesting effect on the audience. I tried to do a montage. I've really tried to do a montage like that. In death. wish of bruce willis taking bullets out of people and then putting bullets into target so it was all influenced by diploma. Then of course body double with voyeurism..

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