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We have come here to let you know that change is coming whether you like it or not. Can we turn this around. Have no other option. The only option we have succeeded. What we do now and in the next few years will profoundly affect the next few years. So how much can. China's new carbon market help fight climate change. The world's a customer took a dive into that and has this report. A carbon market generally means that every molecule of carbon that leaves the smokestack has a tiny price tag on it they have a pretty singular goal says carbon market expert yen chin call. The market is a the market based mechanism aiming to reduce emissions reduce carbon emissions in most countries of carbon markets. The government sets a cap on carbon emissions. I e the power industry or manufacturing and then companies can buy or trade credits but altogether. They have to stay under an emissions limit. China's market is different. There's no cap. The focus is on the efficiency of power plants. The priority is that to improve the overall efficiency of the coal fleet to make the overall initial factor to decline as of this month. China's carbon market covers some two thousand power plants in china mostly coal inefficient coal fire power plants now have to buy credits if officiant plants have credits to sell. It's a baby. Step not likely to be closing down coal plants in the near future. China's seems to be starting very softly with with not very strict to targets. China is still building in planning new coal fired power plants whether the carbon market can interrupt that trajectory will depend on whether that first baby step turns into something more haiphong legion arlene sunny shed dot offering to president xi jinping announced in september that the country will reach peak emissions by twenty thirty and net zero emissions by twenty sixty to get their coal historic engine of china's economic growth needs to be phased out as the rules are now the new carbon market won't shrink the coal industry but if the rules change it could says you von lou china energy expert with bloomberg. I believe china will gradually tighten up the the rose like the price of carbon or limiting the total amount of emissions rather than just focusing on efficiency will definitely keep on watching how fast and how tight china can change the rules so now. The chinese government has a toll and any day they wanna make it more effective and efficient. It can be done overnight. Other carbon markets like the one in european union also rolled out slowly and we're eventually made restrictive enough to reduce emissions that something leash war with greenpeace. China hopes will happen in his country. Diversifies dion the twos data garment. Come us he said. There are indications that china wants to make big moves to clean up its power sector just this week. The government announced its considering boosting renewables to cover forty percent of the country's electricity by twenty thirty in the real life is eight needs to accelerate Moving away from coal. There's increasing international pressure to do that. Here's the un secretary general antonio gutierrez speaking to chinese university students. Last summer that he's such inga's clean coal and cultural. They have no place in any rational recovery plan. There's also the question of whether the market could help with the transition to renewables leash. War with greenpeace says a higher price on carbon would make renewable energy more financially attractive. I i have no doubt that the speed and the momentum that we have said over the past that kay this regard to win that solar development will will continue. The question is can we do it faster. That's that's the only question says the carbon market could be used to speed up that process. China's carbon market currently covers power plants that account for fifteen percent of the world's carbon emissions government officials. Say they plan to expand the market in the next five years to cover around eighty percent of china's co two emissions. That's a fifth of the world's whatever the chinese government decides to do in terms of its interventions into environmental protection can have overnight very significant impact on the planet is an environmental policy expert at nyu shanghai. He says the sheer scale of china's carbon market and the power of its government is a double edged sword. The market could be used to surveillance and control members of industry in ways. That are harmful or unfair. And there's the issue of transparency. China doesn't have a stela track record of being transparent with its own data so overall i think the idea of carbon market can only work if there is a robust monitoring reporting and verification system. Next month china will release. Its next five year plan and that will likely provide information about the role of the carbon market will play in reaching the country's nets goal for the world. I'm ana customer. She done nothing except champion. A woman's right to drive a car. But yesterday saudi arabian activists widow. Jane hathloul was released after a thousand and one days in prison. Family members and international human rights groups have been calling for her release and an end to her alleged torture. Al hathloul was arrested in two thousand eighteen for leading a campaign to grant women the right to drive in saudi arabia. Dr best mamani joins me. Now she's a professor of political science at the university of waterloo canada. Welcome to the program. How significant is this Lujan al hathloul release from jail. Well it's just wonderful news to be honest with you. I think so. Many of us were worried for her. She's a wonderful person. And i think certainly the fact that She's finally been released is a great thing. But they're still a lot of concern about her situation. And i think there's going to be a large discussion. And hopefully she'll be able to at some point talk about the really the suffering she endured. I mean the photo of her after release. It's joyous smile. But how does login even start to rebuild life after trauma like this. There are allegations of torture during your time in jail. So i think the rebuilding process for her is going to be significant. Certainly of course the the trauma being imprisoned I think there was abuse That may have been sexual nature as well torture from looking at the picture. She's clearly thinner. She has gray hair now and i met her five years ago with not a not a single gray hair on her head and i mean there's definitely a beaming smile in the photo. And that's because she's with her her parents but she still separated from her siblings of course many of which are outside the country and ex husband. You know there was a falling out of of a marriage because of the so. I think there's there's a lot of pain and suffering. I'm sure aside from her parents. You have a sense of what her support system in. Saudi is no i think She's certainly under a some sort of gag. Order not to speak to people and i suspect House arrested is a part of that. So she's not gonna have free movement in any way She has a wonderful family parents. Who are very supportive And have been really behind her from from day one of her activism. they're really quite impressive. People dutchwoman. Let's get to the bigger picture. We know that crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin salman sees himself as a reformer. What impact could james release have on the internal politics of saudi. Arabia haven't been really wants to take this as a win. A certainly i think if it wasn't for the biden administration coming in. I don't think we would have seen her release unfortunately so elections matter as they say but one of the things that i think her story will be told hush hush i think many people are discussing it online and certainly social media buzz there some very interesting hashtags and saudis twitter to talk about all these kinds of issues there still a lot of great discontent at the same time. Unfortunately hamad bin salman is seen as reformer in some way internally. He's opened up the country culturally. And and certainly you know. Put down the conservative or religious police which is a welcome news for young people. So you know. I think she she would be to be honest with you and more popular of saudi arabia than inside saudi arabia. But that's partly because of kind of nationalist propaganda that has permeated much of saudi society today..

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