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You qualify apply now I get your prep dot com back at it on a Tuesday morning Mickey Ferguson is here from fox six with an update on our forecast was looking like well I grab that umbrella today J. T. we've got some scattered showers headed our way and no severe storms are expected but we could see a few heavy downpours especially west of I. sixty five going into this afternoon highs near only seventy seven degrees today die slows down to sixty six might see a few thunderstorms our way now for tomorrow so just monitor your first alert weather app for any of that if you're outside tomorrow highs near eighty one on Wednesday from the WBRC first alert weather center I'm looking for is in for Alabama's morning right now we do have mostly cloudy some light rain as well seventy four is radio one of five five WBRC joining us now from nest fresh it is a live in a call to talk about national a month LOL live you're welcome in the house in morning you know I thought all this coronavirus craziness going on when we take a quick little break from that and talk about something that I absolutely love whether it's with cheese or it's in a you know another it electable delights the recipe but eggs seemed to be just the staple of everything in our lives these days and this spring national eight months I did not want to ignore the eggs so I thought my gosh let's get a lady on the phone to talk about this so what is going on with national Eggman wow you know national Egmont being from that fresh eggs.

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