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A lot of interceptions from jameis winston and that was putting their defense in horrible. You know field position Constantly and they went from that to one of the most reliable quarterbacks ever in terms of avoiding mistakes the second half of the nfc title game notwithstanding and that was sort of a testament to we always hear about teams. That think that they're like a quarterback away from continuing. The buccaneers were a quarterback away from contending and when they made that change from from winston to brady and added some other pieces they added a number of other guys on offense but mainly it was the big headline change at quarterback that rose their offense up to the to the level near their defense and they're also one of the most complete team so it sort of an inverted series of of decisions that were made by the teams in terms of the order. In which they they became great and they've both sort of met at this point where both are playing at a championship level. Yeah i think like before the season. Nfl analysts love to talk about roster talent and and they definitely had plenty of it so in that respect. I'm not sure anyone's to surprise. I mean they had it on both sides of the ball on david devon white and clear emerging stars on defense and a lot of star power in the skill positions on offense and then just brady. I mean the big question was now. I was dubious of this myself. Was whether it would all work. Because we've seen this kind of experiment of mixing veterans young emerging.

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