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You wrote. I mentioned happen pronouncing right article about the war crimes in afghanistan that motti triggered a huge reaction ryan on twitter. There was an article that was written about your article and basically just kind of brought you down to size. That's a nice way of saying we'll try to try to. I mean they tried. They didn't succeed all right. So walk us through that event payback. What did you say in the article. That got people so riled up. yeah it was. It was quite a deal. There are several articles actually the daily mail and another newspaper. Another right wing telegraph. There was just like a like a snow bowl Those basically triggered by an article that i wrote on the engine about the raritan reports which was justifiably angry. You know and i regret it because shit this like if an afghan can't be angry at the light verifiable documented instances of australian soldiers in afghanistan slaughtering up to but probably more than forty six afghans full for fun out of boredom slaughtering. Them like the sport you know if someone like me conga angry. Then it's like who what. What is the appropriate response An i really feel like it was a real insight into how australians are so accustomed and demanding of the grateful. Refugee and that was so shocking. Because i'm not that fuck the colony. I like sermon. Criticisms about israeli government and. Yeah they took our my family in an took other. Afghans in the focal of refugees and immigrants in not enough is still prison island on menace that his you know that that is indefinitely detaining all sorts of refugees. But i guess the point that i'm trying to get out is What i really think triggered the response to the did from all these like right wing. Journalists was the idea that i wasn't a great for refugee. My family had been taken in on humanitarian asylum grounds and the one generation later. Here i was with the goal to criticize australia. And it's like damn right. i'm going to criticize. it's more of us. All of us should be criticizing australia. This like army unit was not only was it like not disbanded fully. But it's like they were. They were awarded were celebrated and there was such a defensiveness around actually acknowledging that there was a structural issue for something like this happened. Either there was oversight and approval from supervisors which is absolutely despicable if so or supervisors and other overseers had no idea. This was happening. And they're like you know soldiers in the atf. We're just like going on killing sprees afghans. Either way it's not acceptable. Whatever the case that should never have been happening and that there was such a cover up over show many years almost two decades. Now i on There's a lot to be. There's a low townsfolk. There's a lot to be held accountable. And so in my article. What i was basically saying is that i was mortified. That the response was Week on behalf of the australian government on behalf of the eighty s and also that at the end of the article there was little section talking about if any members of the australian defence force and families have experienced distress at the reports of the baritone report. Feel free to access these like last line suicide hotline mental health services and. That's what really got me. Cause it's like damn. The australian soldiers can come into ghana's don slow to my people and west entering their mental health. Like you really have to ask some deep hod cutting questions at that point when it's like where is the embassy for us you know where when when are the mental health resources going to acknowledge that australia is home to multiple immigrant communities and always has it And to have placed none of the emphasis on the canister alien community and how they must be feeling and how they west feeling as roosevelt of seeing How dispensable their lives were And how easily you know. Our desk can just be written off to an accident or Poll followed procedure is just yeah. Just tragic fair. That was box save. That's the end of our show. I need to get out of here before. Paul factor jump seen as usual. You can listen to us on three seattle off a au slash the bora blues more. Also an instagram at three. Cr the s bar blues. You've been listening to a podcast produced in the studios of independent community radio station three cr in melbourne australia for more information. Go to all the ws dot three cr dot org dot edu..

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