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Hi this is rob southgate owner of the southgate media group the southgate media group is proud to present the fiftieth episode of wayne's world the deadpool movie of review wait what's ways world we still put that shyness network thank you second film actor from the right on jingle all the way that's right it's a wayne's world episode if d all right the dead ball park cast were reviewing that whole to as always i am phil willis did he say at fifty aarp and medicine i'm still waiting for that to kick in i don't know about you guys but i'm fifties all alright and that's right better roundtable going and that we just heard was chris bow like castor business owner professional rob southgate wrangler thrown his dealer with the coffee i'm as whisper i call myself the ceo whisper you can't handle this diane derivative don't you ain't start out man i give it four point seven five nine out of five pedophile in nursing shoes you're not on your fighters more now appearing as herself as myself and i'm going to be dissenter i didn't like it as much as the first one oh and chris were saying better hello you could tell the creek okay if you could tell the contrarians they're wearing red last but not least you heard this man all the way back when one when he did the live review with me and lois race down here and this guy was going to say the first four pages to episode forty seven charlie esser.

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