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That was like my bickel. Knowledgeable. Is the reference of friends but yes, that was it. Wanted to be Rachel that was. and. I think kind of getting into my degree. I met this girl darn. who was like a raging beacon And she. Yeah well, she basically was like A. Have you had about sweatshops and it was quite intense conversation that we had I had it really a new of liked to distant Tam but I hadn't realized how prevalent it was to like every single soul in the UK. As not to reading this book, could naked fashion by Safia minute spoke about kind of environmental and social and took declaration that that like fashion produces and and I just was like. Well like who am I doing here? I was working part time at a sauce at the time and I can day justice. We were producing that to three hundred new like day justice and women's a day like it was a lot of volume and speed and I I guess who they sing. She sent sit very well together. So I started looking into like sustainable fashion in my old tentatives and like five years ago it was Balik like, yeah. That will literally bronze that had the trees on jumpers and like everything is very itchy and expensive and. We wanted to pull all of these plans to get us. So we organized this like fashion show in London to raise money slow like textiles project that I spent like quite a few months working on in Tanzania. So we managed with that like one fashion show to raise enough to build back a workshop. So what the charity out in Tanzania and day basically employed like locals to built dislike amazing workshop for late of women And they kind of like meet together and. Create black amazing textiles products, and it like women that have been from bowl or previously in prostitution second of a form of Yeah. Yeah. So I think. It was kind of a mixture of like seeing that like I could time at university to. Have like an impact. No matter what that was. Actually at university like we had so much free time we had like three hours or Fletcher's weeks. Brewer. Into like doing research and looking at brands and. I think I guess I tried like. I kind of thought that I want to sell something. So I sort of tried with a few different people like make a project work or say like, no, the origin was called like co Alaska and it was called the new story and just had a bunch of like terrible names. And then we actually got to a stage after lots of like funding reductions and of eventually finding a fit that worked. So we started with. About five years ago with working with like Saturate nor Ganic produces around India. So basically making neck fashion put up that was like affordable. Didn't look at the cold connect- started with like eight pieces and then that grew out to about fifty and then we had like Christmas pop up that we wanted to do and like I couldn't afford the shop. That, we wanted to sell it in. So decided to bring a load of ESCO brands basically to like stop like. LEX Talionis, Sean, and they paid for all the rent and then allowed us like Hoffa shopping shortage should dislike. Play around with and there's people that are coming into the shot with can I got all these things Naza? Oh, you can't just kind of for this Christmas two weeks. So it just kind of gave me the idea like Brian note the origin as a marketplace that could make it easy for people to shop. Ethically, so I mean, it's been a long journey like lots of changes like my accountant always laughs at this is like no, the origen seven point Oh. It really is it's changed law, and like we've started doing different revenue streams in different ways and like now. Like going into like webinars. Bike. A lot more of their education type stuff. So, ultimately, we are a market place and we still may lined able, but that's kind of a small part of what we do. Lots of unpack really. I love about the way. You just said that it was like he kind of said, it will very matter-of-fact way. It's still very like it's a wild light dream. Walk. Pushed free and we're going to cut rewind back to like I guess you had a few different inputs talks about like your parents traveling with them you had your friends. Eurasian. Vegan. Friend and imagined influences how big apart that these different things play into like you form in the site the like did you know that like did you feel when you were younger like going on a holiday unlike volunteer and chips was where did you feel that is that it's Like I. Yeah I think. I guess everything has like a big impact and I look at like. Ended up never full back then I would have stopped business. I think it's just I couldn't find a place to I fitted or the I wanted to work. So I mean even nicer I I think I struggle a bit with the ten. Entrepreneur or? It's a very like at an air often night USA shape people as being very like a certain type of personality and didn't really fit so. was already would. Just, very like Brash and Mike we let dealer and. Just like it's. I think it's like. A guy often the has like ten projects on the go and Mike You. All these things and Not. Really finish any of them in NYC whereas I'm more of a like commit to.

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