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Boston's news radio to 43 times the traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. And yet that expressways got some issues already be I. You're right van a little back up to the south, a little back up to the North will start with the expressway does South bound? Well, we're off to a pretty bad start out of the city in stress crawling out of the O'Neill tunnel. Down past Mass. Avon's South Bay. Then it starts to loosen up more stop and go Bryant after the Braintree split, So it's getting a little busier every 10 minutes here nor found a stalled out East Milton a passing upon sit circle, but I still have 16 minutes. Braintree into Boston, so surly Not so bad on the North bound side, route three clear. Ah, you could do the speed limit all the way down past 31 39 this afternoon, the lower end of 1 20 eight's good and so is 95 south down into Attleboro. No up to the North. 93 north. Slow going up towards 1, 28 and more brake lights up pass through 1 25 in Wilmington, Thea. Parental 1 28 off to a good start. Same idea with 4 95 Andrew one downtown. I really don't see any backups. Too bad here. The lower deck of 93 is in good shape. So was the Tobin Bridge, the Sumner Tunnel as well. In fact, all the airport tunnels were fine in the mass. Turnpike is off to a good start to His report, sponsored by Zeke will pure sees. You have to be up in five hours, two hours and you haven't slept Vixie Quilp. Your disease is a drug free blend of botanicals with an optimal dose of melatonin that helps you fall asleep naturally and wake with no next day grogginess Zeke will pure Z's naturally superior sleep. My king. Deputy Visas. Traffic on the three got the sun shot around this afternoon temperatures of the climbing leader 40 Clear and cold. Tonight it'll become breezy late. So real field's gonna become a factor, especially late tonight and into tomorrow. 25 slow downtown.

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