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Pack maybe one is right now having a swivel in my chair pest control our editor Andrew. Tuck there and of course you can read more from here more for him Across all of our platforms here on monocle twenty four. I'm happy to say Jew. Then they is still here with us. Also Andrew is joining us on the line. Hopeful- hopefully from is it a sunny perch this morning must be. I think the weather's good in London. Well Yeah IT'S BEAUTIFUL. The Sun has cracked tile and just echoing everything giving saying there's been lots of messages from central government. Don't enjoy the weather. Don't go outside too much. Don't go and be friends. Don't go dead have a drink outside or anything so Women to appreciate it from afar. Luckily at the tiniest roof terrace but suddenly become one of the best asses About the House that we have so I'm griped somewhat out that Andrew. One thing which is getting a lot of attention Bloomberg has a very good story this morning. Which is is looking at this ongoing problem in the UK with with small businesses. We're now two weeks along and over one hundred thousand businesses applying for these these loans. People just not having access to them. I just I wonder you know on one. You know a lot of small As small entrepreneurs small business owners It's a story as I said that we've been we've been following. Are there multiple moods in London at the moment on one side? Okay behave in the sunshine. follow what needs to be done and then also just a reality of of the daily grind setting in and and of course how people are going to have to respond and deal with this. And how do you move forward over the next few months? Well it Bruce La- I think that they they hinting this morning. Those two bits of briefing. That went on this morning. Neil thugs and he's one of the Cessnock socks and he's won the advises the government said by the end of May. He would imagine that would be enough testing in place and Enough tracing going on you'd be able to lift quite lots of measures not going back to normal but then had this other message from another adviser government Professor Grandmet as saying that's still going to have to look at her immunity because even if you down number you're left in a corner with nowhere to go speaking friends who don't come to the two friends who run them an amazing tiny garden center here in London. Now they ordered clones for this season. This is the biggest time if studying plunge ten thousand pounds worth punk coming into that warehouse. What do you do them? They're not allowed to open so they're trying to rapidly move online but it's not the same people come into a tiny garden center and onto them browse and touches all preplanned. You're going to do with whether you want to context so those people are shoes they employ. I think twelve people so those people to kind of earning that income. And then you just say this is echoed again and again and again. So it's scary people how they bounce back and all of these people found it almost impossible to get money off the government and I must say. Hey We have this five o'clock briefing. Every single day from from the government health official normally in a couple of minutes to come on and talk about what's happening the numbers the plans for that department etcetera etcetera and they become less and less credible every single day. I watching Hanko yesterday. All he's done so many utahns through somebody through something at the TV. Yesterday I was like so so angry. As you said they're just trotting out the same thing. Repeating repeating slogans aren't the Andrew and then it's like okay where where are the solutions. What are we going with this? And the tone I find the tone Of course people to say hi so they need to be kind of an urgency. Tha He sounds like he's talking to five year old and I don't think it washes the people I it'd be intriguing to see what happens on the other side of this. He's somebody WHO's GonNa keep commission because he just does not come across as credible and then they have. They seemed kind of share the bud and by bringing the health officials and we have some very good yesterday talking about the death of his head in the house but again the tone was funny. Is I see we understand the seriousness of it? If it's meant bit me a warning to us to stay inside. We've that bill already and you see that from B. People's behavior so I just don't like the tone about and I don't like the fact that they just don't know what they're telling you and the other thing tiny. It's a quick. I'm not tired of everyday people since the numbers are reporting this morning. The numbers really doesn't make any sense anyway because you see the total death so the twenty four hour period before they often don't include community data and there's often a real lack of two or three days reporting that evening hospitals before the added to the number so it's become a very disappointing event at the end of the day Juliette. There was a poll here in Switzerland recently. Just saying that public trust is pretty is huge. It's almost like ninety percent are following with what the government is saying you as a as a newcomer Switzerland. Have you been impressed by the daily briefings? We have similar either two or three o'clock every day here with. What's your take. Been impressed than I think. In general the Swiss are they trust their government and they trust them to make the right decision at the right time and to take into account the psychological sides. And I'm wondering Andrew Boris Johnson's little selfie video that he sent out yesterday talking about tone and everything. Wha- what what? What was your opinion on that? And what are your people saying about? Stay home stay focused. Let's end the clapping for the NHS. Dennis about that under the clapping is amazing. We went out on on Thursday. And it's only the second week ahead on Thursday. The clock and it took a guy down the road. I could never sport where he is. He's GonNa trombone he's lost and other people to bring out Paul than buying them. And the cacophony was much louder. I think in community people to self policing and that that doing that and they they they know what has to be done for Boris Johnson. I would just say that. It is very difficult being prime when you're in your bedroom. And that's what he is. Now he's he's he's he can't go to the press conferences he he con- engage properly and a slightly perspiring prime minister on his zoom cool. Just doesn't wash on Sunday. We're going to have the queen address the nation She's any two or three times before in this full. Not She's going to be giving a message to the country and I think that she will steal a March. Because you know she will be looking regal but even having a bad time because she just doesn't know me live with her husband and the two of them had to kind of live together the different types of relation. Yeah Andrew Tuck in London. We're going to have to leave it there. As we approach the top of their. Have a lovely day on on your on your small not-so-small Terrace. I've seen it before you have to leave it as well. Very good saying you plans for the rest of the day terraces well right well. We'll we'll we'll be able to see if there was a tan lines this time next week Thanks to Andrew who had on earlier of course James Chambers and Hong Kong Wilson in Tokyo and thanks to our producer today. Marcus hippy. And of course our sound engineer back in London I'm multiple on. Saturday is going to return next week. But don't forget I'm back tomorrow at the same time with monocle on Sunday. Thanks have a great Saturday goodbye.

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