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The Dill Mariah quip all, this you know she was on That, oxycodones and stuff like that and in medication, like that I'll tell you what I ran into issues stuff back getting all that they break. Bad on the way, used to. Be people. Smoking pot starting up is World is kind of in their song pharmaceuticals and some headaches All that stuff Some bad, stuff I guess but no doubt about it I just wanna give you. An update lets, you know, what's going on down there Trucking. Lit up with everybody else there next week That's fair warning to everyone out there About to be back Hey. Thanks for the update good to hear from you about fourteen past the hour No I can't make me cupcake yeah this. Is the one and only the the one and only. Cupcake, from twenty years ago. I remember you will get some people are just unforgettable And I just wanted to say any might tanker Yankers that may be. Out there now I love you I think of you After all these years are you still involved at all in. Truckee earn no okay. I'll kind of suspected You were, what was it you did the the asphalt tea?.

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