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Plus it's not on espn plus One or are you interested in this fight to. How will you watch this fight in three wise. Espn plus showing this court because it is on bt sport and is a queensberry promotions car yet. I think we're all surprised at. Espn did not pick up the fight. Because they have mostly picked up most of frank lawrence fights so it is surprising because joyce's a puncher and he's a guy people want to see and of course they put on a lot lesser fights on espn plus that people don't want to see. I'm kinda surprised that this will not be available to us guys. I mean there's no real legal way to watch the fight if you live in the us so you know that. That doesn't mean people won't find a way to to watch it but there's no there's it's not available to us in the us so it's disappointing. Because i think you know tax them he's gonna bring the fight to him but but he's going to lose and he's probably going to get knocked out but it's a real opponent for joyce after you know the biggest win of his career against Danny de blah. I mean it's not a it's not a gimme but he's you know he's of course favorite to win the fight and i think he will win But it's a fight. I think we would all like to see. And and i agree with you that it's disappointing. It's not available in the us. Absolutely well key I guess before we let you go to. Things is regis lying or is his fight with mikey being announced because he posted on his twitter yesterday. regis program versus mikey garcia to be announced. And do you think we get the rematch with jamaal. Charles and brian castagna. I'll take your second question. I do not think that we get a rematch. Between jamaal charles and brian costano as much as we all want see i do think that the mandatory obligations for those two fighters are going to take them in different directions for the time being and then maybe somewhere down the line. We they revisit it. But i don't see the rematch happening anytime soon carlos. Ibf mandatory is is way overdue He the wbz mandatory against Ericsson leuven is now do. Although i don't think they'll make that fight because because it's not. I don't think it's a marketable fight. I i don't see the Anyone willing to pay the money required for that to happen again. So i think he might make mandatory as ibm mandatory next and then the wb. Oh probably will order costano w His mandatory against. Tim zoo costano might have to go to australia for that. Fight if it winds up going to person or something. But i don't see that fight happening next and maybe not ever rematch between guys really akiva. You really think that al won't pull favor and have the wbz mandatory rather than go ibf route to melancholia or whoever this guy is well i well the thing is it's either that or he's going to have to go up the title because at some point your main events which is promoted. has taken under card slots on carlos last two fights to allow the fights to happen. And that's fine because pcs is paying for the fights But if charlie wants to remember the. Ibf is the organization that sticks to its rules. Unlike the other three. So they're gonna eventually order him to. And and why wouldn't charlie do it. He'll make a from what i've seen and His last two fights charles will destroy the ibm mandatory. And i i if it lasted four lowndes. I'd be stunned. Because he's been hurt in each of his last two fights against guys who were not anything resembling journal charl Having said that. I don't think the lubin fi is a fight that can be made because there's no interest in it whatsoever. People i think most people despite ericsson movements really good win against jayson rosario and the fact that he's six and since he has lost the trello i don't think people perceive that as a tough fight for trump. I think they can try to knock him out again. Because leuven chin is d- d- doesn't have reliable chin. That's putting it mildly. Probably so while. It's commendable that he's taken these fights and maybe he'll get another title shot. I don't think it's going to be instrumental charl. So i think the i f mandatory will be the way that they go maybe next Unless he gives up the title but like we were saying before guys the titles mean a lot to these fighters so. I don't think he's just going to willingly. Give up one of them And instead of taking this mandated fight. Let's not forget what your other question was. Nestle the mikey mikey and regis you know what let's put that on the back burner because let's assume you're right. He goes the for out. They don't vacate lubin. You know you say there's no interest so they need to give lubinov fight. Obviously having kind of ham is pushing danny garcia fi danny interview with me and miami. He said he wanted to move up to fifty four. He said he needed one fight. And then if they offered him djamil he would absolutely take it. Because he's in this for legacy. Do you think that's possible as danny too small does lubin hit too hard with al really lubin danny which then sets up german for his biggest fight because then he can get damn. He has a mandatory. I think the car see as you said. I think i think the garcia is going to fight once at fifty four to acclimate himself to the way class. I don't think it's going to be against some of the because that's not an easy fight. So you know. I that seems to me like if his endgame is to get to charlie when try to become one hundred fifty four pound champion. I don't think he's gonna walk through that fire necessarily to get there any any probably won't have to because they'll say. Hey look he's really a junior welterweight who's fought at welterweight and is moving up to one fifty four so let's give them a reasonable test at one fifty four before he tries to fight your mail trolley. And i'm not saying you would have earned shot at journal. Charlie oh by beating some you know. Be minus c. plus level fifty four pounded. But i think that's what's going to happen. I don't see him fighting. Eric's think eric's losing fight him. But i don't see garcia taking that type of fight when you have the payday and the opportunity of charl dangling in the background now like you said you seen lubin hurt. And his last couple of fights harrison just fought a well to wait. Does none of this entice these fighters do you think they. They're thinking or they're you know handlers are thinking safety i or is anyone looking at bad ella. Not being danny never being a two time to division three division champion. I mean if i could do that to harrison mean in danny at least not be knocked out and i don't know i think he should be able to hang with eric lubin. Who's never been the world champion again. I i. I'll just say what i said before. I think it's too much risk for him in his one hundred fifty four pound debut to do it. I don't see the he because he can fight a lesser guy.

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