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Our three Ben Ferguson showed I stab you with us. And let me give you a quick recap of where we are. We have a real chance of another government shutdown or the president United States of America. Deciding declare save emergency to get the wall on Nancy Pelosi, India's if you'll let's start off with Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi held a press conference where she made a very blatant statement about wall funding. This is the same woman and has let me know when that because it's the same woman. That said if you reopen the government Mr President will negotiate on border security now she's saying that since the government's reopened massacre. You know, listen to this that there's not going to be any more money in in the legislation. The. However, if they have some suggestions about certain localities. Where? Technology some infrastructures. I said about the ports of entry. We might need more ports of entry some roads. That's that's part of negotiation. Now, Donald Trump responded to that. And had a couple of different things to say one of the things that he had to say about this was that look we're looking at all options, we realized that there's a good chance. That, you know, the Democrats are gonna refused to play ball with us in that may be possible government shutdown or it could be we may we make a decision. Which is clear save emergency. Here's what the president had to say. In response to Nancy take a listen open. Borders are very bad for our country. Crime comes in drugs Uman traffic in so many things, but let's talk about.

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