AMC, Mike Tyson, President Trump discussed on Tim Conway Jr.


Grant. AMC has delayed the re opening of its theatres again. The target date is now mid to late August. President Trump has cancelled the portion of the Republican National Convention that was slated to take place in Jacksonville, Florida due to a flare up of covert, 19 and 58 year old former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will return to the boxing ring for an exhibition fight against world champion Boxer Roy Jones Junior who's held titles in four different weight classes. About a scheduled to take place September 12th in L A. We'll check back in on the five next. There are far too many aging process is in life that we have no control over. I'm just, you know, Time will take you apart, but with advanced hair restoration, balding, not one of them anymore. A groundbreaking advanced F U E treatment from advanced There continues to change the lives of our listeners who've had it done every single day, including mine. I received the advanced Advanced Hairs one day treatment last year. And the results have changed everything and I on ly addressed my bolts, bald spot. That's all I did. So I wanted that confidence that energy back. You know, when you're 2021 at that crazy energy you have or you could be up for 20 hours a day. Sleep before. Well, you have that energy when you look in the mirror, and you don't have to worry about being bold anymore or thinning hair. You know you don't do a column it over and get all crazy. Well, there's never been a better time to address your hair that now because when you go back to the office, and I don't know, five months, five years, whatever the Bailey Wow, who's that young guy, it'll be you So with advanced aerial always haven't always received the highest standard of care well beyond the.

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